Bidri Ware

Bidri Ware

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Author: Krishna Lal
Publisher: National Museum
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The art of Bidri ware has a living tradition and is very much alive. Its sparkling character has always tempted art connoisseurs all over the world. Unfortunately, not much has been written about it. This catalog depicting the masterpieces of National Museum Bidri collection is illustrated with black and white and color photographs.

The collection of the National Museum consists of over 175000 works of art and antiquity and belongs to twenty-two disciplines i.e., Archaeology, Sculptures, Bronzes, Terracottas, Manuscripts, Paintings, Decorative Arts, Arms & Armour, Anthropology, Numismatics & Epigraphy, etc. Of these over 10000 items are in the collection of Decorative Arts alone.

Plans are already afoot to store the collection of the National Museum on laser video disc and also to publish comprehensive catalogues; however, that would take sometime. Since the collection of the Decorative Arts is also very sizeable, it has been considered appropriate to publish catalogues of exhibits of specific categories; hence this one of Bidri ware.



Director General’s Foreword


Bidri Ware in the National Museum Collection





Line Drawings

Colour Plates