Love Besieged - A Romance of the Defense of Lucknow

Love Besieged - A Romance of the Defense of Lucknow

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Author: Charles E Pearce
Editor(s): Ralph Crane
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 235
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019 5658760


A heady mix of adventure and romance set within the walls of the besieged city of Lucknow in 1857, this new edition of Love Besieged typifies the genre of the Mutiny novel. The romantic intrigue is juxtaposed and interrupted by military action required to defend the Residency, making the novel an exciting read for general readers.

There is currently an enormous interest in postcolonial fiction in general, and Indian English fiction in particular. That interest extends to Raj fiction which preceded (and in some cases appeared alongside) the work of Indian authors in English. While the works of such well-known authors as Rudyard Kipling, E M Forster, and Paul Scott have remained accessible, those of lesser-known Raj writers have rarely been reprinted. The publication of this book marks the beginning of a Raj recovery project, which aims to make available some representative Raj fiction.

An introduction, maps and notes by Ralph Crane provide a critical commentary to the novel, and will be welcomed by scholars of post-colonial literature.



A Note on the Text

A Chronology of Charles E Pearce

A Chronology of the Siege of Lucknow

Qudh: 1857
British Garrison Positions in Lucknow


Azimoolah Khan
Sings of the Coming Storm - The Mysterious Chupatties
The Strom Bursts
At Gun Fire
A Lull in the Storm
Nurse and Patient
The Green-Eyed Monster
In the Residency Garden
The Fatal Day of Chinhut
The First Day of the Siege
After Life’s Fitful Fever
Hawke Tries His Luck
The First Sortie- Bob the Nailer
A Hot Attack-The Crisis of the Siege
The Royal Talisman of Oudh
Jean Atherton’s Daring
The Craft of Mrs Ross
Hawke’s Secret Mission
In the Secret Passage
Captain Fulton, the Real Defender of Lucknow
At Last
Explanatory Notes