Indian Archaeology in Retrospect :  Archaeology & HistographyPrehistory

Indian Archaeology in Retrospect : Archaeology & HistographyPrehistory

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Author: S Settar
Ravi Korisettar/
Editor: S Settar / Ravi Korisettar
Publisher: Manohar
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 534
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173043221


This Indian Archaeology in Retrospect attempts to take stock of the progress made in the field of Sough Asian archaeology, especially during the latter half of the twentieth century. Fifty-nine papers, spread over four volumes, are contributed by a team of scholars, well-known in the areas of their specialization.

Besides reviewing the widening horizons of empirical data, they have also identified the changing attitudes, methodologies and tools of inquiry. Besides presenting a synoptic view of our current understanding of the cultural evolution, an attempt is also made here to explore the future possibilities in this field.

This is an attempt to explore, not to exhaust the entire field of prehistory. Our enquiry is not only dictated by the material brought to light so far and the nature of its significance, but also by the availability of competent and critical scholarship which could evaluate it with a depth of understanding and detachment that it deserves.

This volume reviews the theoretical frameworks and methodology adopted during the last fifty years. Fifteen papers and an appendix contributed by nineteen scholars are presented here. The Appendix reveals the progress of archaeological research carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India, which will be reaching the centenary of its establishment in 2002. The archaeology of the great Indian epics is dealt with at some length to reveal its complexities. Maritime archaeology is presented from the perspectives of underwater surveys and external trade.

The contribution of the earth sciences, understanding man-land relationships, numismatic studies, early historic south India, application of statistical techniques and the low altitude remote-sense techniques, are the major areas covered in this volume. Three papers make a survey of theoretical developments in Indian archaeology. These reviews also highlight the periodic shifts in Indian archaeology and the resultant trajectories in our perceptions at the end of the second millennium and the promise they holds for the future.


FOREWORD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Introduction S SETTAR AND RAVI KORISETTAR The Contribution of the Earth Sciences to the Development of Indian Archaeology R S PAPPU Historicity of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana: What has Archaeology to Say in the Matter? B B LAL Historical Archaeology of India: An Outline of the Work of the Archaeological survey of India NAYANJOT LAHIRI, VAISHALI SETHI AND BALDEV PURUSHARTHA A Review of Theoretical Perspectives in Indian Archaeology K PADDAYYA Beyond Description and Diffusion: A History of Processual theory in the Archaeology of South Asia DORIAN Q FULLER AND NICOLE BOIVIN Looking for Post-Processual Theory in South Asian Archaeology NICOLE BOIVIN AND DORIAN Q FULLER Pursuing Site Formation Research in India MICHAEL D PETRAGLIA Understanding Man-Land Relationships in Peninsular Deccan: With Special reference to Karnataka RAVI KORISETTAR AND S N RAJAGURU Sheep/Goat Pastoral Cultures in the Southern Deccan: The Narrative as a Metaphor M L K MURTY A Review of Early Historic Numismatic Research since Independence S J MANGALAM Historiographic Perspectives of the Socio-Economic History of Early South India RAJAN GURUKKAL The Archaeology of Early Historic Maritime India HIMANSHU PRABHA RAY Marine Archaeological Research in India SILA TRIPATI, SUNDARESH, K H VORA AND S N BANDODKER Application of LAAR in Indian Archaeology ASHOK MARATHE Quantification in South Asian Prehistoric Studies: a Few Observations P P JOGLEKAR Appendic: A Survey of Prehistoric Investigations by the Archaeological Survey of India since Independence INDRANI CHATOPADHYAYA, BHUVVAN VIKRAMA AND SUSHRI M VIKRAMA Contributors Index