Indian Archaeology in Retrospect : Prehistory

Indian Archaeology in Retrospect : Prehistory

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Author: S Settar
Ravi Korisettar/
Editor: S Settar and Ravi Korisettar
Publisher: Manohar
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 508
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173043191


This Indian Archaeology in Retrospect attempts to take stock of the progress made in the field of Sough Asian archaeology, especially during the latter half of the twentieth century. Fifty-nine papers, spread over four volumes, are contributed by a team of scholars, well-known in the areas of their specialization.

Besides reviewing the widening horizons of empirical data, they have also identified the changing attitudes, methodologies and tools of inquiry. Besides presenting a synoptic view of our current understanding of the cultural evolution, an attempt is also made here to explore the future possibilities in this field.

This is an attempt to explore, not to exhaust the entire field of prehistory. Our enquiry is not only dictated by the material brought to light so far and the nature of its significance, but also by the availability of competent and critical scholarship which could evaluate it with a depth of understanding and detachment that it deserves.

Never before an attempt of this type and in the scale has been made to critically evaluate the progress made into our past. This has become possible because of the participation of a team of upcoming as well as well-established scholars of international repute. As many as 46 Indian and about 16 European and American scholars have contributed to make this series what it is.

This volume comprises fifteen papers written by eighteen authors. It cover a broad spectrum of South Asia prehistory. There are four appendices which provide information on the Upper Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Megalithic sites explored and excavated to the day. Three papers present an account of the progress made in understanding the prehistoric rock-art, ceramics and beads.


FOREWORD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION The Archaeology of the South Asian Lower Palaeolithic: History and Current Status RAVI KORISETTAR The Middle Palaeolithic Culture of South Asia J N PAL The Archaeology of the Upper Palaeolithic Phase in India D R RAJU AND P C VENKATASUBBAIAH The Mesolithic Age in India V N MISRA The Neolithic Cultures of Northern and Eastern India PURUSHOTTAM SINGH Brahmagiri and Beyond: The Archaeology of the Southern Neolithic RAVI KORISETTAR, PC, VENKATASUBBAIAH AND DORIAN Q. FULLER Post-Urban Harappan Culture in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh V H SONAWANE AND ABHIJIT MAJUMDAR Early Farming Cultures of Central India: A Recent Perspective M K DHAVALIKAR Research on the Deccan Chalcolithic SHEENA PANJA A Review of the Copper Hoards and the OCP Culture V D MISRA The Age of Iron in India: A Reappraisal VIBHA TRIPATHI The Archaeology of the Megaliths in India: 1947-1997 R K MOHANTY AND V SELVAKUMAR The Development of Indian Rock Art Studies since Independence ROBERT G BEDNARIK A Survey of Ceramic Analysis with Specific Reference to Pottery K Krishnan Small is Useful: Importance of Bead Studies in South Asian Archaeology KISHOR K BASA Appendices I. Late Pleistocene Fauna from Kurnool Caves II. List of Upper Palaeolithic Sites in India III. A Gazetteer of Southern Neolithic Sites IV. List of Excavated Megalithic Sites and Black and Red Ware Sites of Early Iron Age-Early Historic Period in India (after 1944) List of Contributors Index