Contesting Marginality

Contesting Marginality

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Author: Sajal Nag
Publisher: Manohar
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 382
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173044279


Over the years, north-east India has become synonymous with secessionism, insurgency, violence and turbulence.This book details the entire process from the pre-British period to date during which the movement itself under went several crises and metamorphoses and as a result some struggles crumbled while others still carry on the revolt.

Gateway for the migratory waves from South-East and East Asia, the region in inhabited by a number of tribal communities-some relatively advanced while others proto-historic. The years under the British caused upheaval in their socio-cultural life. They experienced momentous changes in every aspect of their life from food to faith, dress to discourses.

But the abrupt withdrawal of the British compelled these apolitical people to be drawn into bourgeois political system. Neither sure of their true identity, nor the nation state they would like to belong to; confused by the prevalent nationalist discourses and frightened by the prospect of being submerged by a numerical majority, they faced a massive existential crisis.

The present study is about this crisis and how such a crisis led these communities to organize and equip themselves, debate and decide their future course of action and confront the colonial and post-colonial Indian States and the process through which this confrontation led to the growth of secessionism and insurgency.

Although a number of bestsellers are available on the subject, this is the first serious academic work written by a professional historian.