The Cult of the Tiger

The Cult of the Tiger

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Author: Valmik Thaper
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 119
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195660366


The author, one of the World’s foremost authorities on the tiger, argues that it sis this very symbolic status of the tiger which has been responsible for tits survival in Asia. With the invention of the gun, and an acceleration of sport-hunting, the status of the tiger declined, leading to the present situation where specific conservation efforts are necessary to ensure the tiger’s survival.

In this hugely readable book, beautifully illustrated with rare photographs, the author discusses both the rich cult built around the tiger, and the problems faced by the animal across Asia. Valmik Thapar takes the reader on a journey from Siberia, across the Caspian, to Korea, and China, through Vietnam, Leos and Cambodia into Thailand and Malaysia, to the Indonesian Islands, and finally into Burma and India. Along the way, the reader encounters tales rich in folklore, belief and ritual, of worship, respect and fear of the majestic tiger.

The author believes that those interested in tigers and their conservation, require an understanding of how this remarkable animal was worshipped and revered, in order to assure and work for its future survival.

This fascinating account will appeal to anyone interested in the stories, myths and legends built around the tiger in Asia, and all wildlife and conservation enthusiast.


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The Cult of the Tiger

Siberia: The Land of Origin

Into the Caspian

Into Korea

The Tiger in Manchuria and China

Into the New Territories and Hong Kong

Into Indo-China

Into Thailand

Into Malaysia

Into Singapore

Into Java

Into Bali

Into Burma

Into India



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