India's Energy - Essays on Sustainable Development

India's Energy - Essays on Sustainable Development

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor: Pierre Audinet / P R Shukla / Frederic Grare
Publisher: Manohar
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 290
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173043515


India is emerging on the world scene as a major energy consumer. Growing imports of oil, gas and coal re-define the conditions that guarantee India’s energy security. India’s final energy demand grows faster than the development of its own national resources. Beyond, one can observe a regular growth in the intensity of polluting energy emissions of the economic activity. This is worsened by the misallocation of resources due to pricing policies, management systems, and more generally, policies that induce a lot of inefficiency and waste.

To tackle the long run constraints of the present demand and supply trends, drastic changes in the management of the sector are required. Implementation of reforms began in 1991. Some options exist but a number of bold decisions still have to be taken and implemented to fulfill the energy needs of a population that has now crossed one billion inhabitants. Hence the need to contribute to the debate on sustainable development and scenarios for the twenty-fist century

The present book intends to do so through a series of cogent articles on one specific energy sector, hydrocarbons. Energy and area experts analyze the economic, infrastructural, environmental, and security stakes of India’s energy supply and provide some elements of solution for an issue whose development will dramatically affect then future of India, both as an economic and political power.


Foreword: Power perspective
Yoginder K. Alagh



Pierre Audinet, Frederic Grare and P.R. Shukla

Future Energy Trends and Carbon Mitigation
Strategies for India
P.R. Shukla

The role of electricity in India’s agriculture
Gilbert Etienne

Energy Infrastructures in India:
Assessing Power Sector Needs
S.K.N. Nair

Infrastructure and Policy Constraints in Meeting
India’s Long-term Energy Demands
Leena Srivastrava

Long-term Carbon Emissions, Fossil Fuel substitution and
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for India
Sujata Gupta

Long-term Carbon Emission Targets Aiming Towards
Convergence: a Comparative Investigation on carbon
Emission Path Options for Switzerland and India
Othmar Schwank, Thomas von Stoker and Nicole North

Climate Change and Allocation of GEF’s Funds;
Trying to Learn from the Indian Case
Pierre Audinet and Emmanuel Fages

Coal and Energy for the Twenty-first Century in India
John J. Gale

Advanced Technologies for Higher Efficiency in
Petroleum exploration and Production
Philippe Rogier

The Security of Supply Issue:
The Growing Dependence on the Middle East
Gulshan Dietl

Linking Demands and Supplies:
Regional Energy Cooperation in South Asia
Gilles Boquerat

Meeting India’s Energy Needs:
What Role for Central Asia?
Frederic Grare

Institutional Stakes in India’s Oil and Gas Restructuring
U. Sundararajan