Women in Love

Women in Love

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Author: D H Lawrence
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 616
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817167478X


Through this tale of two sisters and their love relations, Lawrence is throwing light on the obscure shades of love and human psyche, Psychological exploration of human characters, man-woman relation and a passionate belief in the physical world of nature which modern man lost contact with are the themes of most of his novels.

Published privately in New York in 1920, Women in Love is termed an epic of vice by critics. An analytical study of sexual depravity, it is considered Lawrence’s supreme masterpiece.


I Sisters
II Shortlands
III Class-room
IV Diver
V In the Train
VI Crème de Menthe
VII Fetish
VIII Breadalby
IX Coal-dust
X Sketch-book
XI An Island
XII Carpeting
XIV Water-party
XV Sunday Evening
XVI Man to Man
XVII The Industrial Magnate
XVIII Rabbit
XIX Moony
XX Gladiatorial
XXI Threshold
XXII Woman to Woman
XXIII Excurse
XXIV Death and Love
XXV Marriage or Not
XXVI A Chair
XXVII Flitting
XXVIII Gudrun in the Pompadour
XXIX Continental
XXX Snowed Up
XXXI Exeunt
1.Agle for the Ideal
2.The Gospel of Service and Saint Tukaram
3.Sudden Conversion
4.Social Reform and The Ramakrishna Movement
5.Moral and Religious Education