Folk Tales of Bengal - A Set of 4 Books

Folk Tales of Bengal - A Set of 4 Books

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Author: Lal Behari Day
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 210
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817167869/70/71/726


This set of 4 books titled Phakir Chand, The Story of the Rakshasas, A Ghostly Wife, and The Story of Swet-Basanta and other Stories carries a selection of 21 folktales.

Tale (katha) forms a major part of Bengali prose literature and is sub-divided into many genres including rupakatha, bratakatha and upakatha. Rupakathas are usually about an anonymous king of an unnamed land. Once upon a time there was a king (Ek je chhilo raja ) is there typical beginning. Except the hero and the heroine, the other characters are usually referred to in accordance to their social standing or professions. This rupakatha collection is one of the first and the finest attempts to compile these treasures from Bengali folk literature.


Book-I - Phakir Chand and other stories

1.Phakir Chand
2.The Indigent Brahman
3.The Boy Whom Seven Mothers Suckled
4.The Ghost-Brahman
5.Life’s Secret

Book II-The story of Swet-Basanta and other stories
1The Story of Swet-Basanta
2.The Origin of Rubies
3.The Boy With The Moon On His Forehead
4.The Ghost Who Was Afraid Of Being Bagged
5.The Field Of Bones
6.The Field Of Bones
7.The Bald Wife

Book- III-The Story of the Rakshasas and other stories

1.The Story of the Rakshasas
2.The Story of Prince Sobur
3.The Origin of Opium
4.The Man Who Wished To Be Perfect
5.The Story of a Brahmadiatya

Book IV A Ghostly Wife and other Stories

1.A Ghostly Wife
2.The Evil Eye of Sani
3.The Adventures of Two Thieves And of Their Sons
4.Strike But Hear
5.The Story of a Hiraman
6.The Match-Making Jackal