High Roads of Sikh History - A set of 3 Books

High Roads of Sikh History - A set of 3 Books

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Author: Teja Singh
Editor: Gurdit Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173806306


This series of books originally written by the late Professor Teja Singh is in three parts. Part I contains 15 episodes from Sikh history; Part II gives character-sketches of some important personalities of Sikh history; and part III presents a brief history of Sikhism.

The books are written in a simple language and can be easily understood by school boys. There is great dearth of this type of literature in Punjab, and this series would be a welcome addition to the literature needed for moral and religious instruction of young people.



1.A True Bargain
2.Babar and Guru Nanak
3.Sheikh Sajjan
4.Guru Nanak at Hardwar
5.Guru Angad and the Proud Monk
6.Guru Har Gobind in the Gwalior Fort
7.Guru Teg Bahadur and Dhir mal
8.Bhai Kanhaiya
9.Guru Har Rai and the Followers
10.The Forty who were Saved
11.The Five Beloved
13.Sick Soldiers
14.Prince Nau Nihal Singh’s Marriage

Book- II

1.Bibi Nanaki
2.Bhai Mardana
3.Baba Sri Chand
4.Baba Budha
5.Bibi Bhani
6.Bhai Gurdas
7.Bhai Bidhi Chand
8.Suthra Shah
9.Bhai Nandlal
10.Baba Deep Singh
11.Maharaja Ala Singh
12.Baba Phula Singh
13.Saradar Hari Singh Nalwa
14.Rani Sada Kaur
15.Prince Nau Nihal Singh

Book - III

1.Guru Nanak I
2.Guru Nanak II
3.Guru Angad
4.Guru Amar Das
5.Guru Ram Das
6.Guru Arjun
7.Guru Har Gobind
8.Guru Har Rai
9.Guru Har Krishan
10.Guru Teg Bahadur
11.Guru Gobind Singh
12.The Sikhs under Banda
13.The Sikhs Rise To Power
14.Maharaja Ranji Singh
15.The Anarchy
16.Overthrow of the Sikhs
17.Present Awakening among
the Sikhs