The Travels of Marco Polo

The Travels of Marco Polo

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Author: L F Benedetto
Translator: Aldo Ricci
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 440
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171678122


Marco Polo, the son of Niccolo Polo, was born in Venice in 1254. Soon after his son's birth, Niccolo Polo and his family set out on a voyage to explore the East, which eventually led them to the court of Kublai Khan, Mongol Emperor of China. Khan became so attached to the Polos that he would not let them leave for several years.

During his stay, young Marco Polo was employed in various capacities and was sent on distant missions. Finally, after taking leave of Kublai Khan and embarking on a two-year long journey, they reached Hormuz and after nine months, returned to Venice, their homeland.

Immediately on their arrival, a genoese fleet attacked Venice. Marco, who commanded a galley, was taken prisoner and sent to Genoa, where he was asked to narrate his adventures. Tired of repeating his story, Marco asked them to put it into writing. And thus was born this literary masterpiece that has thrilled readers ever since it was first written.


Miniature in Three Compartments

Kabilai Gives the Golden Tablet (Paizah) to the Brothers Polo

CA' Polo, Venice

Chinese Bank Note of the Reign of Hung -Wu (1368-1398)


Seal of Kubilai Kaan (Hu-pi-lieh).
This seal has the form of a rat in bronze

Seal of Chingiz Khan
This seal has the form of a tortoise in Black jade

The Great Magnificence of Prester John, Lord of Greater Indian and of Ethiopia


The Brothers Polo Starting out with their Caravan. Detail from the Atlas Catalan de la Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris

Map of Henricus Martellus
Map From Ramusio's Navigationi Et Viaggi
Map of Ptolemaeus by Bernardus Sylvanus