Rajatarangini - The Saga of the Kings of Kasmir

Rajatarangini - The Saga of the Kings of Kasmir

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Author: Kalhana
Ranjit Sitaram Pandit/
Editor(s): Ranjit Sitaram Pandit
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 763
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126012366


Kalhana's Rajatarangini is not only a classic of Sanskrit narrative poetry but is the earliest extant history of Kashmir. Written in the middle of the 12th century in the age when the Crusaders of Europe were fighting in Western Asia, Kalhana's masterpiece is a unique blend of authentic chronicle and imaginative poetry inspired by the poet's passionate love his exquisitely beautiful homeland.

This famous English translation by R S Pandit was first published in 1935. It was out of print for many years until the Sahitya Akademi published a reprint in 1968. It was further reprinted in 1977. This is the 3rd impression of its reprint.


Foreword by Jawaharlal Nehru
Translator's Note
Taranga I
Taranga II
Taranga III
Taranga IV
Taranga V
Taranga VI
Taranga VII
Taranga VIII

Appendix A - S P Pandit's Note dated 1888 on the Chronology of Kalhana

Appendix B - Hunger S-strike

Appendix C - The legends of Samudra-Manthana and Gangavatarana

Appendix D - Sanskrit, the language of international communication for a thousand years after Kaniska

Appendix E - Names of women mentioned in Kalhana's work

Appendix F - Poets and scholars mentioned by Kalhana

Appendix G - Political and other terms used by Kalhana

Appendix H - The Horse

Appendix I - Gandhara, the corridor of India

Appendix J - Hindu Armour and Costume

Appendix K - Subsequent history

Short Bibliography