Defying Death - Struggles against Imperialism and Feudalism

Defying Death - Struggles against Imperialism and Feudalism

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Author: Maya Gupta
Amit Kumar Gupta/
Publisher: Tulika
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185229414


Although often neglected and underplayed in mainstream history, armed resistance to British imperialism is a significant part of India's epic struggle for freedom. The essays in the volume, written over several years, document various episodes of resistance highlighting the role of freedom fighters who inspired generations of Indians by their sacrifices.

They discuss the Vellore Mutiny, the Chittagong Uprising, the Non-Cooperation movement and the militants of Bengal, Gandhi's attitude to the execution of Bhagat Singh, the Telengana and Kakdwip risings, among others. The essays also underline the fact that the fight against colonial oppression and exploitation was inextricably linked to the struggle against feudalism.



The Vellore Mutiny, July 1806
Defying Death: Nationalist Revolutionism in India, 1897-1938
National Revolutionist Grand Designs: Northern India, 1914-18
The Non-Cooperation Movement and the Militants of Bengal
A Review of Revolutionist Operations in India, 1927-29
The Easter Rising in Bengal, Chittagong, 18 April - 7 May 1930
The Executions of March 1931, Gandhi and Irwin
A colony, a World War and a Patriot
The Communists and the Outbreak of the Telengana Rising, May 1944-Feb. 1947
Forest-fire in the Sundarbans: The Communists and the Kakdwip Rising, 1946-50