The Quran for Astronomy and Earth Exploration from Space

The Quran for Astronomy and Earth Exploration from Space

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Author: S Waqar Ahmed Husaini
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 219
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187570091


This book presents fifteen chapters on galaxies, the solar system, and applied physics, and is illustrated by 8 color pictures from NASA. Each chapter, quoting liberally from the Quran, demonstrates the integration of the facts and values derived from the Quran with modern human knowledge.

The Quran legitimizes science and technology as essentially Islamic knowledge, thus making it the duty of every individual and society to understand and utilize them for the good of mankind and the environment. Islamic jihad and tafsir, being subject to human and temporal limitations, provide knowledge which has probability but not the certainty of truth. Quranic verses are given technological explanations based on data from non-Muslim sources and NASA explorations, without implying that every modern fact , theory and scientific speculation is being read into the Quran as a matter of Islamization.

The book is a model of tawhid: the integration of the facts and values of Quranic revelation with those of modern technological advances. As such it is crucial to Islamic acculturation, and as a counter to later-day Muslim reductionism which has excluded the natural sciences, technology, and even socio-humanistic sciences from the Islamic purview,.

This book also shows how Islamization provides values by which to evaluate knowledge; thus astrology and environmentally harmful sciences and technology are un-Islamic.


Preface and Acknowledgments to Third Revised Edition
Preface and Acknowledgments to Second Revised Edition
Preface and Acknowledgements to First Edition
Introduction to Photographs and Images

Islamization of Science and Technology:
An Islamic Duty and Muslim Necessity

An Introduction to Islamic and Comparative Astronomy
and Related Sciences and Pseudo-Sciences

Creation of the Universe:
God the Creator

The Universe:
Astrologers vs. Astronomy

The Universe:
Structure and Stages of Development

The Expanding Universe

The Universe or the Solar System:
Birth and Evolution

The Sun's Motion

The Moon: Its Movement and Light

Evolution of the Stars, the Sun,
and End of the Earth

Atmosphere and Space:
Heavens One Above the Other

The Atmosphere:
Earth's Protective Roof

Light and Vision

Lightning: Benefits and Harm

Altitude Sickness


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