What is Science

What is Science

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Author: Dilip M Salwi
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 221
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171671268


This Science book for the young tells all about science and much more. It argues that Science is to be questioned and understood..


Science is Exciting
Not Like Any Other Subject
What Is . . .?
What Are Theories made up of?
The Circle Is Expanding
No final Truths, Please!
A Testable Theory?
Where Science Is Practiced
Two Types of Research
Little Science, Big Science
Soft and Hard Science
Pure and Applied Science
What Is a Research Problem?
Who is a Research Guide?
Keeping Eyes and Ears Open
Tutorials Are the Life-blood
The Ivory Tower Scientist
Research is a Rat-race
Presentation in a Journal or Meet
Logic Not the Only Method!
Publishing in Science
Importance of a Research Paper
Intuition Works!
Science Progresses by Fits and Starts
Frauds in Science, too?
Peer Review
Everything is decided by Humans
Citation Index Is a Measure
What Do Academies Do?
Science Policy is an Attitude
The Much Talked about Fellows
Does Science After Society?
What is Science Fiction?
Topnotch Scientists Are Science Advisers
Need for a Science Movement
Three Dangerous Men!
Scientific Temper
Are You Anti-Science?
What is a Luddite?
Science is Neutral