Wood Elephant in Antique color with Brass work (Handicraft)

Wood Elephant in Antique color with Brass work (Handicraft)

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Author: Rajasthani Art
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A spectacular piece of art, this elegant wooden elephant with it's tusk raised is embellished with intricate patterns specific to Rajasthani folk art, etched in copper and brass on both sides of the elephant and over the back and front. A subtle shade of green is skillfully painted over the smooth wooden surface, making this piece truly irresistable. The superior craftsmanship of the Rajasthani artists is evident in this beautiful artifact which will grace your study or any other part of your home. The horse weighs 5 oz and is 4 inches tall.

Please note that all these pieces of art are handmade and no piece will be exactly the same in size, weight, color, shape or design. Slight variations are inevitable thereby celebrating the individuality and mood of the artist.