Learn Tamil (CD-ROM)

Learn Tamil (CD-ROM)

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Author: Allenpark Info Tech
Publisher: Allenpark Info Tech
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Cemmozhi - The Multimedia Tutor CD ROM for mastering Tamil is a marvelous outcome of our long termed searches and researches towards a learning tool for the ancient most Dravidian Language. Dedicated to the novices of the language, the CD provides with an efficient and elaborate assistance and guidance in the language learning process.

Speaking Tamil is fun, but what about reading and writing? Vidyarambham presents a novel method of discovering and recognizing the alphabets and characters and basics and words and sentences and usages and phrases and riddles and proverbs and what not!!!

Try it and you also will befriend this CD ROM - A pleasant companion, rounded up in 650 MB for your trip to the fascinating land of Tamil Language.

In designing a tutor for the ancient-most Dravidian Language Tamil, publisher has strived much to make it accurate and perfect both in technical as well as in academic level. A lot of eminent academicians and researchers have devoted much of their valuable time and effort to make Cemmozhi, the Tamil Tutor a fantastic experience.

Some of the experts present in our panel for Cemmozhi, the Tamil Tutor is:

Dr. A Kamatchi M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Prof. Of Linguistics,

Centre for Advanced Studies in Linguistics
Annamalai University

Dr.S. Bhagawathiyappan
Asst. Prof of Tamil (Rtd)
State Council of EducationalResearch & Training

Dr. Tamizhanpan,

Dr. S. Anthony Selvanathan (Ph.D)

Dr. K. Nachimuthu
Prof. & Head,
Department of Tamil ,
University of Kerala

Dr. C. Shunmugom
Professor & Head, Dept. of Linguistics
Dean, Faculty of arts
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)

Dr. Pon. Subbiah
Professor & Deputy Director,
Central Institute of Indian Languages,
Mysore, Karnataka

T. Rajarathinam
Research Scholar, Dpt. Of Tamil, University of Kerala


At Allenpark Infotech, we are aware that a good instructional design is one that addresses and satisfies the learner's needs.

Keeping this in mind, the CD has been developed on a model capable of catering to individual learning styles. This model has been subjected to rigorous research and proven to produce instructionally effective courseware. The objectives are clearly defined at the start of the course and actively involve the learner in the learning process. This instructional design takes into account the various theories of adult learning as well as the different methods to capture and hold the attention of our young learners. We focus on developing a complete mastery of the language with stress on communication, unlike more traditional methods, which laid more emphasis on reading and writing.

Most of those involved in language teaching are convinced that multimedia technology offers real learning possibilities with measurable results. The glue that bonds content together and creates an unparalleled learning experience is the implementation of technology in an apt manner. In the design of this interactive CD, we have given much thought to end user needs. We create total user experiences, rendering technology invisible.

The CD is designed using the communicative approach, which focuses not on grammar, translation, and conjugations per se, but instead on communicating in whatever way you can. Errors are fine as long as you are able to make yourself understood. Since formal grammar is minimized and functional situations are emphasized, the CD-ROM effectively demonstrates and enables communicative language learning.

When you enter the world of this interactive CD, you will find yourself in a compelling, interactive environment where learning authentic Tamil is made effortless and fun. Engaged in this rich, multimedia experience, learning becomes a pleasure and not a struggle.


Windows 95/NT 4.0 or above
800x600 display
True color 16 bit
Sound Card
PC: 500 MHz