Sain Bulleh Shah - The Mystic Muse

Sain Bulleh Shah - The Mystic Muse

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Author: K S Duggal
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173418


This work in English translation is based on Gurmukhi script prevalent in India while the text in Persian script is that available in Pakistan.

The most significant contribution the Sufi poets of the Punjab is their rising above the narrow and parochial concepts of religion and laying emphasis on the love of God alone. They believe that the love of God can be attained through the love of man.

Sain Bulleh Shah is the most important voice among them. The rational and socialistic content of his verse, more importantly his sympathy with the have nots and the down-trodden speaks volumes for his forward-looking vision.

It is a pity that no authentic version of Saint Bulleh Shah's work is obtaining. All that has traveled to us from mouth to mouth. It therefore, varies from Persian script to Gurmukhi script, from Pakistan to India. This may, at times, be evident from the text covered in these pages.

His romantic defiance of both Hindu and Muslim bigotry and ritualism is particularly telling Bulleh Shah fostered communal amity and understanding which is the primary need of our times ridden with blind fundamentalism and petty political considerations.


KARTAR SINGH DUGGAL is one of the leading Indian writers. Decorated with many awards, he is author of more than 500 short stories available in 22 collections, 10 novels, 2 collections of poetry, 7 plays, over 50 short plays, an autobiography in two volumes and several works of literary criticism in Punjabi.