Krishnavatara: The Descent of the Lord (A 7-Volume Set)

Krishnavatara: The Descent of the Lord (A 7-Volume Set)

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Author: K M Munshi
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2004/2006
Language: English
Pages: 1839
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This set of 7 books reconstructs the life and adventures of Sri Krishna by weaving a romance around him. Each book has been named after its central theme. Part 1 is titled 'The Magic Flute' for it deals with his boyhood associated with the flute, which hypnotized men, animal, and birds alike.

In this series, therefore, the literature of India, ancient and modern, will be published in a form easily assessable to all. Books in other literatures of world, if they illustrate the principles we stand for, will also be included.

This common pool of literature, it is hoped, will enable the reader, eastern or western, to understand and appreciated currents of world thought, as also the movements of the mind in India, which, though they flow through different linguistic channels, have a common urge and aspiration.



1. The Marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki
2. Kamsa’s Wrath
3. Kamasa makes a Plan
4. Akrura, the Saintly
5. Kamsa’s Predicament
6. The Prophecy of Veda Vyasa
7. The Time draws near in Hastinapura
8. Nanda Visits Mathura
9. Balarama is Born
10. The Eighth Child
11. Kamsa’s Strategy
12. And He was named Krishna
13. putana ‘Masi’ goes to Gokul
14. Trinavrit
15. Krishna’s Musings
16. How Women Feel about Clothes !
17. The Miracle of the Twin Trees
18. Vasudeva and Devaki return to Mathura
19. Radha
20. As the Years passed
21. A Mad Adventure
22. Kaliya of the Poisonous Pool
23. The Betrothal of Radha
24. Aiyyan Returns from the Wars
25. The Lifting of Govardhan
26. The Dying Minister
27. Kamsa’s Summons
28. Summoned to Mathura
29. The Goddess of Joy and Beauty
30. Krishna Leaves for Mathura
31. Andhaka’s Warning
32. Trivakra, the Thrice Crooked
33. The Sacred Bow
34. Master of the Elephants
35. Kuvalayapida: The Angry Elephant
36. Chanur, the Champion
37. The Prophecy Comes True


Krishnavatara II : The Wrath of an Emperor


1. A Crown Rejected
2. Guru Sandipani
3. In the Vortex
4. The Five Brothers
5. As a ‘Brahmachari’
6. The Wandering School of Sandipani
7. The Punyajana Ship
8. Securing the ‘Panchajanya’ Conch
9. The City of Light
10. A Nagakanya Belongs to Her Mother
11. ‘Asika, Come Back’
12. The Flight
13. On the Way
14. Bhargava Rama of the Battle Axe
15. Barihadbala plays the Diplomat
16. ‘Stand up, Garuda’
17. Gomantaka Hill
18. Balarama’s Plough
19. Uddhava in ‘Hell’
20. Shvetaketu’s Fall
21. Krishna at the Gate
22. Shaibya’s Wrath
23. Jarasandha’s New Strategy
24. Rukmini on the War-path
25. A Warrior Princess
26. Balarama Embarks on an Adventure
27. Uddhava’s Trails
28. Balarama on the High Seas
29. Balarama Wins a Bride
30. "He is Coming"
31. The Triumphant March
32. The Honor of the Yadavas
33. Brihadbala’s Difficulties
34. Shaibya Spurns Shvetaketu
35. Shaibya’s Revenge
36. Conquest of Hate
37. Women Conspire
38. Rukmini on ‘The Barter of Cows’
39. Shvetaketu’s Pledge
40. Arrival in Kundinapura
41. How Rukmini Wooed Krishna
42. Now What?
43. The Yadavas Lose Faith
44. The Fateful Decision
45. The Exodus
46. The Caves of Muchukunda
47. Rukmini’s Grim Resolve
48. He Came and Gave Her life


Krishnavatara III: The Five Brothers


1. King Drupada’s Resolve
2. Sandipani Arrives
3. The Teacher and the Pupil
4. Dronacharya’s Decision
5. The Uncle’s Commands
6. Banishment
7. The Blow
8. Duryodhana is Afraid
9. Grandfather Bhishma
10. A ‘Gopi’ in Hastinapura
11. Gouri Puja
12. The Dowager Empress
13. The Best of Munis
14. Kampilya
15. The Loyal Daughter
16. Uddhava among the Nagas
17. Uddhava’s Trails
18. In the Land of the Demons
19. King Vrikodara
20. King Vrikodara Wins a Wife
21. King Vrikodara Makes a Decision
22. The Miraculous Victory
23. The Last Wish of Aryaka
24. The Boy Who was a Girl
25. Invitation to the Swayamvara
26. Bhanumati’s Devotion
27. Uddhava’s Mission
28. The Master in Rakshasavarta
29. King Vrikodara Relinquishes the Sceptre
30. Krishna in a Predicament
31. "What is Dharma?"
32. "Dharma has Seized Me"
33. Big Brother is Angry
34. The Charming Kidnapper
35. The Kidnapper’s Secret
36. Dharma Wins
37. Bhanumati Secures a Promise
38. How to Win the Bride
39. How to Carry Off the Bride
40. Drupada’s Dilemma
41. A Gift from the Enemy
42. "Share My Burden with Me, Krishna"
43. Shikhandin Intervenes
44. The Night Before
45. "Your Pledge shall be Fulfilled"
46. Draupadi Goes to the ‘Swayamvara Mandap’
47. The all too Familiar Laughter
48. "Vasudeva, You have kept your Promise"
49. The Master Decides


Krishnavatara IV; The Book of Bhima

The Yadavas
The Kurus
The Five Brothers

1. Draupadi’s Bridal Night
2. Bhima Takes Over
3. Arjuna’s Ordeal
4. Bhima Prepares for the Journey
5. The Princes with the Flying Feet
6. Bhima comes to His Own Rescue
7. Duryodhana Threatens Suicide
8. Duhshasana Threatens
9. The Decision of the Grandfather
10. Bhanumati in Distress
11. The Sisters
12. Duryodhana Receives the Bridal Procession
13. Baliya’s Akhada
14. Rekhaa’s Mission
15. Shadows of the Coming Strife
16. Jalandharaa Has Her Way
17. The Aghori’s Hut
18. Journey to Kailas
19. The Miracle
20. The Grandfather in Action
21. Krishna Gives a Promise
22. Bhanumati’s plight
23. Krishna Meets Bhanumati
24. The Master’s Advice
25. The Rajya Sabha
26. Yudhishthira’s Pledge
27. "He is Gone"
28. Bhima in a Fury
29. A Dream City
30. How to Build a Dream City
31. The Strange Award
32. How Krishna kept His Promise


Krishnavatara V: The Book of Satyabhama


1. Satrajit’s Daughter
2. Uri, the Cat
3. An Empty World
4. The Rajya Sabha of the Yadavas
5. Satrajit Offers a Deal
6. Kshaatra Dharma
7. A Strange Happening
8. "Leave It to Me"
9. Syamantaka is Stolen
10. Krishna’s Vow of Self-immolation
11. Satyaa Disappears
12. The Missing Lines of the Song
13. Krishna Disappears
14. Prasena’s Fate
15. Uri Does It
16. The Sacred Cave
17. A Ghost
18. The Singing Ghost
19. In the Bear-World
20. The Black God’s Ordinances
21. Rohini Wants to Enter the Fire
22. Rohini’s Wedding
23. The Magicof Syamantaka
24. The Trail
25. The Black God
26. Satrajit Throws Away Syamantaka


Krishnavatara VI: The Book of Vedavyaasa - The Master


1. ‘Come, Father, Come’
2. The Parting
3. The field of Ashes
4. Dvaipaayana is Reborn
5. What Dvaipa learned from his Father
6. Visit to Kalpi Islet
7. The Field of Wovles
8. Matha Atharvan Jaabaali
9. Dvaipaayana Eludes the Death Charm
10. Empress Meets Dvaipaayana
11. Gangeya’s Vows
12. The Rajya Sabha
13. "Here is That Son"
14. An Unexpected Ally
15. Maha Atharvan Lays a Deadlier Charm
16. Vatikaa Feels Unhappy
17. Arrivals
18. The Magic Circle
19. The Ascent of Heaven
20. The Venerable Mother in Distress
21. The Master on the Scene
22. The Master’s Decision
23. "Take Me to Godhuli"
24. "If The Mother Leaves ?"
25. "I Bow to Your Commands"
26. Shuka Creates a Problem
27. The Son of Mahishaasura, the Buffalo God
28. The Mandate of the Gods
29. At the Tribal Headquarters
30. Mosa Invokes the Divine Buffalo
31. Mosa Expiates His Sin
32. Mother Sharmi Assumes Charge
33. Ther is Something in A Name
34. "Mother Sharmi cannot be Disobeyed"
35. Enter Shakuni
36. The Master’s Mission


Krishnavatara VII : The Book of Yudhishthira

Characters in This Story

1. Yudhishthira’s Dilemma
2. The Father’s message
3. Rajasuya --- To be performed or not to be performed
4. Meghasandhi’s Message
5. The Three Visitors
6. The Wrath of the Gods
7. Bhima Plans a Digvijaya
8. A Strange Arrival
9. Agrapuja to Shree Krishna
10. The Chakra
11. The Prediction
12. Uncle Vidura Brings a Message
13. A Challenge to the Master’s Prediction
14. Draupadi Protests
15. Duryodhana Makes a Request
16. Yudhishthira Seeks a Favor
17. The Throne Hall
18. Let the Game Begin
19. Shakuni at the Best
20. We have Won
21. Draupadi is Dragged into the Throne Hall
22. Krishna ! Krishna ! Where Are You?
23. The Supreme Mandate
24. To the Forest


1. Agrapuja
2. The Challenge
3. The New Shape of Dwaraka
4. Mayavati
5. Through the Desert
6. Face to Face
7. The Mugg Fort
8. The Prison of Rose Buds
9. The Mandate
10. On the Battle-Field
11. Shalva Laughs
12. Prabhavati Makes up her Mind
13. The Mother Arrives