The United States and Pakistan 1947-2000

The United States and Pakistan 1947-2000

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Author: Dennis Kux
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 470
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019579656X


This book, drawing heavily on primary documentary sources and interviews, is a comprehensive account of the roller-coaster relationship of Pakistan with the United States..

Pakistan’s relations with the United States have careened between intimate alliance partnership and enormous friction. Post cold war Pakistan retains its strategic importance for Washington, not least because of its nuclear stand-off with India, festering hostilities with India over Kashmir, chronic political and economic instability, the rising of fundamentalism, and Islamabad’s links with the Taliban. This book, drawing heavily on primary documentary sources and interview, is a comprehensive account of this roller-coaster relationship.

Kux’s earlier book, ‘India and the United States: Estranged Democracies, 1941-1991’, has been acclaimed by the New York Times as ‘the definitive history of Indo-American relations’.

In [this book] Ambassador Kux has given us the companion volume to his early and unequalled history, India and the United States: Estranged Democracies. Both absorbing, at times wrenching, accounts of misunderstandings and miscalculations that bring us, at the end of the cold war, to the unwelcome fact that the most dangerous nuclear stand-off in the world is on the Indian subcontinent. With the United States looking on, aghast and helpless. Learn why.

—Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Senior Scholar,
Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars

This is the most comprehensive and balanced survey of US-Pakistan relations yet written and is unlikely soon to be surpassed
— Stephen P Cohen, Booking Institution

Dennis Kux’s book offers a clear guide to the ever-changing fortunes of US Pakistan relations. The book is a must-read for anyone who seeks to understand the complex US-Pakistan relationship and the role of this troubled relationship in the region and the world beyond.
—Thomas R Pickering


Foreword Edward M Rowell and Kenneth N Rogers, Jr.

1. The United States and the Pakistan Movement
2. Truman: Friends, Not Allies
3. Eisenhower I: America’s Most Allied Ally in Aisa
4. Eisenhower II: Ike Likes Ayub
5. Kennedy: Alliance Troubles
6. Johnson: The Alliance Unravels
7. Nixon: The Tilt
8. Ford: Enter the Nuclear Issue
9. Carter: The Low Point
10. Reagan: Partners Again
11. Bush: The Partnership Collapses
12. Clinton: Living with a Nuclear Pakistan
13. An Unstable Partnership

Interviews and Oral Histories