Pata - Paintings of Orissa

Pata - Paintings of Orissa

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Author: B Mohanty
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1984
Language: English
Pages: 52
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123017251


Pata painting or a scroll painting on canvas is a unique contribution of the folk artists of Orissa to the strange world of Orissa paintings—a world of myths and gods, but still more it is a world of folk imagination. The artistic work in which both earth and heaven walk together, stand in their own solitary grandeur. The immensity of life and the diversity of the divine come side by side and stand as one which deserves a sensible scrutiny and adoration

‘The Pata Paintings of Orissa’ have to their credit the aesthetic value of Odissi culture tradition and the picturesque landscape where – “the language of stone,” in the worlds of the poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Washed by the soft wave of the Bay of Bengal at the Lotus feet of Lord Jagannath, the folk traditions of Pata Paintings trace back to the 8th Century A. D. and over the sands of time assimilated the different concepts of poetic and philosophical undercurrents through their colors and shapes.

The chronological growth of different techniques, forms and styles of these paintings have been evaluated in this volume, which is a product of pursuit on the avenues of devotion and emotional romance.


Historical Glimpses of Orissan Folk Art

Pata-Paintings of Orissa

Revival of Pata-Painting