Mother of all Beings

Mother of all Beings

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Author: Aju Mulkhopadhyay
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 180
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075864


This book is collection of essays written at different times, and reflect the personal views and conviction of the author about the Mother.

Mirra Alfassa was an Egyptian by heritage, French by birth and an Indian by predilection. She was a hard core practical woman, and a great organizer. She was a painter ‘par excellence’, a musician and a great story teller. And above all her activities, she was a great spiritual being. She became the Mother of her innumerable disciples throughout the world. Her sympathy and concern for nature, her relation with plants and animals, had their roots deep in her heart. She was a bridge between the living world and heaven, through her infinite love.

Her mission on earth was to collaborate with Sri Aurobindo, to bring about a transformation of life. As a representative of the earth-nature, she had been transforming the cells of her body with the light of a new consciousness, called the Supramental. Life is eternal, death is an accident-she believed. Sri Aurobindo himself confirmed that she was the Divine Mother, born on earth with a human form.


Editor’s note

The Mother; Towards the future
An Artist Extra-mundane
Mother’s Image in her ‘Plays and Meditations’
Mother of the Animals
Mother’s Flower-Sense
Mother’s Literature
Mother’s Words
Our Mother
Our Earthly Mother and Her divine Self
Short Stories
The Great Waves of Music
Two Other Plays
Towards a Glorious Body
Biographical note