Time Out - Stories from Punjab

Time Out - Stories from Punjab

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor: Jasjit Mansingh
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 268
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075902


This collection of 18 translated stories from Punjabi allow the reader to get a sense of the layers of time and events which went into the makeup of the modern Punjabi, roots of which are not easy to escape.

Some of the best known names in Punjabi literature are represented in this collection of eighteen stories, all but one of them previously not translated into English – Amrita Pritam, K S Duggal, Ajit Cour and Kulwant Singh Virk among others. The selection, and its arrangement, provides a fascinating overview of the historical vicissitudes forced on a state and its people largely because of its strategic geographic position in the subcontinent. Through the eyes of these sensitive writers, belonging to all shades of political ideology, we get glimpses of an industrious, hardworking people blessed to be living in this fertile land.

The women protagonists in many stories are torch-bearers of liberalism, far from the stereotypes who submit meekly to either convention or the pressures of a patriarchal society.

The cover painting is from Arpana Caur’s exhibition on the theme of the classic love story of Sohni Mahiwal. Pen and ink sketches by Manmohan Singh Bawa enhance the production.


Editor’s Note

The Weight of the World
A Miracle
Her Last Cries
November 1984
He is not that Jasbir
Who did they Murder?
The Tantrik’s Promise
And the River Kept Flowing...
The Pond of Milk
Bhabi Morni
On Vacation
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