The Story of Indian Archaeology 1784-1947

The Story of Indian Archaeology 1784-1947

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Author: Sourindranath Roy
Publisher: Archaelogical Survey of India
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 213
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This compilation presents a brief review of the leading trends which characterized the long march of Indian Archaeology from its antiquarian beginnings in the closing years of the eighteenth century to the culmination it reached in the late forties of the twentieth century.

Archaeology has come to acquire for modern India a significance which is at once deeper and subtler than a strict definition of the term as a scientific discipline would seem to imply. The reason, however, is not far to seek. For what archaeology has achieved for her, albeit unconsciously, is nothing short of a revolution, a revolution in her own conception of her history and personality.

It has enabled her to establish her lost links with a great past whose magnificence was beyond her distant dreams. It has provided her with a vast and impressive background stretching back to the dimly lit dawn of prehistory and splendidly befitting her recently acquired greatness as a member of the comity of nation. Finally, by making her proudly conscious of a past replete with great achievements, it has made her also hopeful of a future worthy of that past.


The setting of the stage

The antiquarian prelude

From antiquarianism to archaeology

Cunningham and the first Archaeological Survey

A brief set-back and a swift recovery

Cunningham : the second phase

James Burgess

A bleak interlude

Curzon and the dawn of a new era

The Marshall epoch

After John Marshall