Teachings of Guru Nanak

Teachings of Guru Nanak

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Author: Taran Singh
Editor: Taran Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 127
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173807426


Each religion has its own personality and is different from every other religion. The religion that Guru Nanak Dev conceived and preached is different from any other religion. This book tells the basic teachings of Guru Nanak Dev in precise, clear and unambiguous manner.

Such a book which could tell about the basic teachings of Guru Nanak Dev, in precise, clear and unambiguous manner, was planned in 1969 A.D. as Guru Nanak’s birth quincentennial volume under the inspiring and able guidance of the then Vice-Chancellor of the Punjabi University, S Kirpal Singh Narang.

Guru Nanak Dev, according to the tradition of the ‘Janamsakhis’ was proclaimed ‘Guru-Parmeshwara’ by ‘Parbrahm Parmeshwara’ Himself as he was taken to the Divine Court from the Bein rivulet. He was granted a cup of the Nectar of the Name and had the assurance that wherever his blessing would be showered the blessing of the Supreme would be there.

The Guru set out on his preaching mission with full authority.



Indian Philosophical and Religious Thought and Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak’s Conception of Dharma---Perception of Truth
The Idea of the Supreme Being (God) in Sikhism
Guru Nanak’s conception of Haumai (Ego)
Guru Nanak’s concept of ‘Bhakti’
Guru Nanak’s Conception of ‘Maya’
Guru Nanak’s Conception of the ‘Nam and Surat-Sabd Yoga’
Hukam----The Divine Ordinance
Guru Nanak’s Concept of Sahaj
Guru Nanak’s Concept of Guru
Ethical Aspects of Guru Nanak’s Thought
Guru Nanak’s Social Thought
Guru Nanak’s Conception of Aesthetics