Our Favourite Indian Stories

Our Favourite Indian Stories

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Author: Khushwant Singh
Neelam Kumar/
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 434
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172249780


This anthology is a virtual canvas of human emotions. Its pages throb with everything primal to human nature: fear, angst, joy, love, lust and longing. Within the pages of this anthology will be discovered that intangible quality which has surpassed the boundaries of region, time, space and history.

The inspiration behind this anthology has been the concern that some of the best short stories of India have remained imprisoned within their geographic and linguistic boundaries, flowering and withering away unnoticed. In the absence of translation they have been deprived from reaching a wider audience. What a waste of beautiful thoughts and ideas! How can one talk of understanding India or being Indian without understanding the motivations that drive our countrymen and women spread over distant regions of the country? Can one truly understand the whole without understanding the part?

What lifts a story from the level of ordinary to extraordinary, to finally become engraved in the mind as a 'Favorite'? Sometimes it is a childhood association or a fond memory of youth. Many times one just does not know why, but one simply likes a particular story.

The Urdu and Punjabi sections did not prove to be difficult. Mr. Khushwant Singh is an authority in these fields. He has included his own translations in this anthology. Making selection from other regional languages proved to be an intimidating task. The Editors went by the opinions of experts and literature lovers of that particular language.


Foreword by Kamala Suraiya
The Story Behind the Stories by Neelam Kumar


The Resignation - Premchand
Enlightenment - Yashpal
Under Cover of Darkness - Nirmal Verma
Like a Pigeon - Rajendra Awasthi
Breaking Point - Usha Mahajan


Cabulliwallah - Rabindranath Tagore
Draupadi - Mahasweta Devi


Exchange of Lunatics - Saadat Hasan Manto
Housewife - Ismat Chugtai


Happy New Year - Ajeet Caur
Death of Shaikh Burhanuddin - Khwaja Ahmed Abbas


The Bed of Arrows - Gopinath Mohanty
Death of an Indian - Kishori Charan Das


Wings of Silent Wish - Dinkar Joshi
Red Glow of the New Moon - Kundanika Kapadia


Cannibal - Vijai Dan Detha


The Statement - Gobind Panjabi
The Claim - Narain Bharati


The Wan Moon - Gangadhar Gadgil
The Debt - Gauri Deshpande


The Vulture - Manoj Kumar Goswami


The Bride's Pyjamas - Akhtar Mohi-ud-din
The Enemy - A G Athar


The Flight - Kamala Das
The Flood - Thakazhi Sivasankaran Pillai


Kwate (The Fort) - Chaduranga
Amasa - Devanoor Mahadev


On the Boat - P Padmaraju
Cloud Stealing - Malati Chandur


The Journey - Indira Parthasarathy
Brahma-Vriksha - Prapanchan


The Farm - Chaman Arora
The Dislodged Brick - Om Goswami

Hippie Girl - Chandrakant Keni
A Cup of Hot Coffee - Edwin J F D'Souza


The Portrait of a Lady - Khushwant Singh
Birth - Mulk Raj Anand
Cows and Love - Atul Chandra
Road to Tikratoli - Shoy Lall
A New Tomorrow - Neelam Kumar

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