Secret History of the Khalsa Durbar

Secret History of the Khalsa Durbar

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Author: G Carmichael Smyth
Publisher: National Book shop
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 199
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171163068


This book has been compiled partly from native manuscripts, and partly from information collected from Sikh Sirdars, and European officers in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's service; but chiefly from the notes of a Captain Garner of the Sikh Artillery, who supplied important information to the British Government.

This book was originally published under the title 'A History of the Reigning Family of Lahore' in 1847 just after the Anglo-Sikh wars and annexation of Punjab by the British thus bringing to close the Sikh Raj that was established by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1801. To prepare this book, the editor had consulted notes fed by the British intelligence network.

Among the principal intelligence gatherers for the British was one Col. Gardner, an American, who was the head of Ranjit Singh's artillery. The other who worked with British intelligence were the European officers of the Maharaja. The editor also consulted native manuscripts and writings to prepare this book. He also had interaction with Sikh Sardars to check and recheck the information he got from other sources. Therefore this book has the recommendation of being highly authentic, and highly interesting.

As the writer was so close to the times he wrote about, the book should be considered an eye-witness account of the events taking place at the Khalsa Durbar.



History of Ranjit Singh's Family
Early History of Ranjit Singh
Secret History of Lahore Durbar
The Siege of Lahore by Sher Singh
Gulab Singh and Afghanistan
Murder of Jawalla Singh and of Rani Chand Kaur
The Assassination of Sher Singh and Dhian Singh
Punishment of the Murders
The Wazarat of Hira Singh
The Expedition of Jammu
The Murder of Peshora Singh
Death of Jawahir Singh
Raja Lall Singh and the Slave-Girl Mungela
The War with the British
Phula Singh the Akali
The Mutiny in Kashmir
Fatteh Khan Tewanah