History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India - Set of 4 Volumes bound in 2

History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India - Set of 4 Volumes bound in 2

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Author: Mahomed Kasim Ferishta
John Briggs/
Translator: John Briggs
Publisher: LP publications
Year: 1997/2006
Language: English
Pages: 1495
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175360763


This work, originally written in Persian and dating back to 1606 AD, has come to be regarded as a classic and still maintains a high place as an authority.

The author, Mohamed Kasim Shah Ferishta, a noted Persian historian, has tried to give a true account of the sovereigns of Delhi and of the Bahmuny kings of the Deccan. He also wrote in detail the histories of all the other Mohomedan princes who held independent sway in India during the 17th century. He wrote facts in simple language. "The History of the Rise of the Mohamedan Power in India" (in 4 volumes bound in 2) is the honest performance of the author.

Ferishta presented the first draft of his history to Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1606 AD and spent the rest of his life in revising it. The work has come to be regarded as a classic and still maintains a high place as an authority.


VOL. I Life of the Author Author's Preface Introductory Chapter on the Hindoos Introduction CHAPTER 1 History of the Kings of Lahore, Better Known By The Title Of Ghiznivides Ameer Nasir-ood-deen Subooktugeen Ameer Ismaeel Sooltan Mahmood-Ghiznevy Sooltan Mahomed-Ghiznevy Sooltan Musaood I. Ghiznevy Sooltan Modood-Ghiznevy Sooltan Musaood II. Bin-Modood Ghiznevy Sooltan Abool Hussun Ally Sooltan Abool Rusheed Ghiznevy Sooltan Furokhzad Ghiznevy Sooltan Ibraheem Bin Musaood I. Ghiznevy Sooltan Musaood III. Bin Ibraheem Ghiznevy Sooltan Arslan Ghiznevy Sooltan Beiram Bin Musaood III. Ghiznevy Sooltan Khoosrow Bin Beiram Ghiznevy Sooltan Musaood H. Bin-Modood Ghiznevy CHAPTER II History of the Kings of Dehly Mahomed Ghoory Kootb-ood-deen Eibuk Aram Shums-ood-deen Altmish Rookn-ood-deen Feroze Sooltana Ruzeea Begum Moiz-ood-deen Beiram Alla-ood-deen Musaood Nasir-ood-doon Mahmood Gheias-ood-deen Bulbun Keikobad Julal-ood-deen Feroze Khiljy Alla-ood-deen Khiljy Oomur Khiljy Moobarik Khiljy Gheias-ood-deen Toghluk Mahomed Toghluk Feroze Toghluk Gheias-ood-deen Toghluk Aboo Bukr Toghluk Nasir-ood-deen Mahomed Toghluk II Mahmood Toghluk Invasion of Teimoor (or Tamerlane) Syud Khizr Khan Syud Moobarik Syud Mahomed Syud Alla-ood-deen Bheilole Lody Afghan Sikundur Lody Afghan Ibrahim Lody Afghan VOL. II Dynasty of the House of Teimoor Babur Padshah Hoomayoon Padshah (His First Reign) Sheer Shah Soor Sulim Shah Soor Mohomed Shah soor Adily Sikundur shah soor Hoomayoon Padshah (His second Reign) Akbur Padshah CHAPTER III Of the Kings of the Decan SECTION I The Dynasty of the Kings of koolburga, Denominated Bahmuny Alla-Ood Hussun shah Gungoo Bahmuny Mahomed Shah Bahmuny I. Mujahid Shah Bahmuny Dawood shah Bahmuny Mahmood shah Bahmuny I. Gheias-ood-deen shah Bahmuny Shums-ood-deen shah Bahmuny Feroze shah Bahmuny Ahmud shah Wully Bahmuny Alla-ood-deen shah Bahmuny II. Hoomayoon Shah Zalim Bahmuny Nizam shah Bahmuny Mahomed shah Bahmuny II. Mahmood Shah Bahmuny II. Ahmud shah Bahmuny II. Alla-ood-deen Shah Bahmuny II. Wully oolla Shah Shah Bahmuny Kullm olla Bahmuny CHAPTER III (Contd.) The Author’s Preface SECTION II History of the Kings of Beejapoor, Denominated Adil Shah Yoosoof Adil Shah Ismael Adil Shah Mulloo Adil Shah Ibrahim Adil Shah I. Ally Adil Shah Ibrahim Adil Shah II SECTION III History of the Dynasty of the Kings of Ahmudnuggur, Denominated nizam Shahy Ahmud Nizam Shah Boorhan Nizam Shah I Hoossein Nizam Shah I Moortuza Nizam Shah Commonly Called Diwana, or The Madman Meeran Hoossein Nizam Shah Ismael Nizam Shah Boorhan Nizam Shah II Ibrahim Nizam Shah Ahmud, The Son of Shah Tahir Bahadur Nizam Shah Moortuza Nizam Shah II SECTION IV History of the Kings of Colconda, Entitled Kootb Shahy Sooltan Koolly Kootb Shah Jumsheed Kootb shah Ibrahim Kootb Shah Mahomed Koolly Kootb Shah Appendix To the History of the Kings of Colconda Prefatory Notice Sooltan Koolly Kootb Shah Jumsheed Kootb Shah Soobhan Koolly Kootb Shah Ibrahim Kootb Shah Mahomed Koolly Kootb Shah SECTION V History of the Kings of Berar, entitled Imad Shahy Futteh Oolla Imad Shah Alla-ood-deen Imad Shah Duria Imad Shah Boorhan Imad Shah Toofal Khan SECTION VI The History of the Kings of Bidur, Entitled Bereed Shahy A Chronological Epitome of the Wars of the Portuguese in India, as connected with the History of the Deccan. CHAPTER IV History of the Kings of Guzerat Moozuffur Shah I. Ahmud shah I Mahomed Shah Kootb Shah Dawood Shah Mahmood Shah I Entitled Shah I Moozuffur Shah II Sikundur Shah Mahmood Shah II Bahadur Shah Meeran Mahomed Shah Farooky Mahmood Shah III Ahmud Shah II Moozuffur Shah III CHAPTER V History of the Kings of Malwa Sooltan Dilawur Ghoory Sooltan Hooshung Ghoory Ghizny Khan Surnamed Sooltan Mahomed Ghoory Sooltan Mahmood Khiljy Sooltan Gheias-ood-deen Sooltan Nasir-ood-deen Sooltan Mahmood II Conclusion of the History of Malwa CHAPTER VI History of the Kings of Kandeish Mullik Raja Farooky Mullik Nuseer Entitled Nuseer Khan Farooky Meeran Adil Khan Farooky Meeran Moobarik Khan Farooky Meeran Ghuny Dawood Khan Farooky I Dawood Khan Farooky Adil Khan Farooky II Entitled Azim Hoomayoon Meeran Mahomed Khan Farooky Entitled Meeran Mahomed Shah Meeran Moobarik Khan farooky Meeran Mahomed Khan Farooky Raja Ally Khan Farooky Bahadur Khan Farooky CHAPTER VII SECTION I History of the Kings of Bengal and Behar, Commonly Called poorby Fukhr-ood-Deen Poor By Hajy Elias Entitled Shums-ood-deen Poorby Sikundur Poorby Gheias-ood-deen Poorby Sooltan-oos-sullateen Poorby Shums-ood-Deen Poorby II Raja Kans Poorby Jeetmul Entiled Julal-ood-deen Ahmud Poorby Nasir-ood-deen Gholam Poorby Nassir Poorby Barbik Poorby Yoosoof Poorby Sikundur Poorby Futteh Poorby The Eunuch Shahzada Feroze Poorby Mahmood Poorby Moozuffur Hubshy Alla-ood-deen Poorby II Naseeb Poorby Bahadur Afghan Sooliman Kirany Bayezeed Afghan Dawood Khan CHAPTER VII. (CONTINUED) SECTION II History of the Kings of Joonpoor, Denominated Shurky Khwaja Jehan Shurky Moonarik Shah Shurky Ibrahim Shah Shurky Mahmood Shah Shurky Mahomed Shah Shurky Hoossein Shah Shurky CHAPTER VII The History of the Kings of Mooltan Sheikh Yoosoof Kootb-ood-deen Lunga Hoossein Lunga Mahmood Lunga Hoossein Lunga II Chapter IX The History of sind and Tutta Mahomed Kasim Nasir-ood-deen Kumbacha Account of the Dynasty of Soomuna Entitled Jam Shah Beg Arghoon Shah Hoossein Arghoon Mirza Eesy Turkhan Mirza Mahomed Baky Turkhan Mirza Jany Beg Turkhan CHAPTER X The History of Kashmeer Shums-ood-deen Jumsheed Alla-ood-deen Shahab-ood-deen Kootb-ood-deen Sikundur Bootshikun or Alexander the Iconoclast Ally Shah Zein-ool-Abid-Deen Heidur Hussun Mahomed Ibrahim Nazook Ibrahim II Ismael Hubeeb Ghazy shah Chuk Hoossein Shah Chuk Ally Shah Chuk Yoosoof Shah Chuk CHAPTER XI Appendix