Perspectives on Guru Nanak  - Seminar Papers

Perspectives on Guru Nanak - Seminar Papers

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Author: Harbans Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 549
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This collection of papers presented at an International Seminar on the Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak range from traditional historical and philosophical studies to the latest forms of sociological, linguistic and structural analyses.

These papers touch every aspect of Guru Nanak's life. The articles explore the parallel between the age of Guru Nanak and our own. Yet the historians also remind us of the distance humanity has traveled in the five hundred years since of the birth of Guru Nanak in medieval India. Guru Nanak's message has been studied in the context of the modern world and its contemporary relevance pondered. Several of the essays elucidate the conceptual framework of Guru Nanak's thought.

In the first place, the seminar revealed the vitality of the faith born out of Guru Nanak's teachings and the growing interest in its founder throughout the world. Secondly, these papers show the places in which work remains to be done on understanding Guru Nanak and the Sikh religion.

This is not a volume to be read straight through from beginning to end. Rather it is a book in which to dip at various points as interest inclines the reader. The opening addresses provide an orientation to the discussion and to the meaning of Guru Nanak.


Welcome Address
Introductory Address
Inaugural Address

Guru Nanak as Historical Memory and Continuing Reality:
The Religious, The Sacred and the Holy: Guru Nanak and Secularism
Guru Nanak's Concept of Nature
The Concept of Sahaj in Guru Nanak's Theology - Its Antecedents
The Concept of Maya in Guru Nanak's Philosophy
The Philosophy of Name
The Nature of God
Speaking About God
Guru Nanak's View of God

Guru Nanak's Concept of the Ultimate Reality
Affinities Between Guru Nanak and Jesus Christ
There is None but One God
Some Religious Concepts in Hinduism and Sikhism: Guru and Sabda
The Secular Religion of Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak and the Social Problem
Some Social and Religious Ideals of Guru Nanak
Ethical Aspects of Guru Nanak's Thought

I See Only a Man
The Mystic Teachings of Guru Nanak
Indian Sufism and Guru Nanak
A Study of Guru Nanak's Teaching in Relation to the Indian Spiritual Tradition
Guru Nanak and the Siddhas
Buddhism and the Sikhism
Muslim Attitude Towards Guru Nanak

Sikhism and Yoga: A Contemporaries Study in the Light of Guru Nanak's Encounters with the Yogis

Guru Nanak and the Hindu Heritage
Guru Nanak and His Message
Elements of Sikh Culture
Guru Nanak and Ceylon
Guru Nanak and His Nine Successors
The Next Fifty Years
A Dialectical Excursus on the Unity or Plurality of Religions
Problems of Translating Guru Nanak's Hymns
The Historian, the Guru and the Christ

History and Historiography in the Study of Indian Religious Movements
Significance of the Guru Nanak's Anniversary Celebrations
The Poetry of Guru Nanak
Seer, Saint and Redeemer
Guru Nanak's Practical Philosophy of Life
Japji and Universal Mysticism
Guru Nanak's Impact on History
Guru Nanak and His Message - Saintly Relevance and Challenge
Guru Nanak - The Parallel Reformations
Guru Nanak and the Problems of His Age
The Sermon at Sultanpur
The Perspective of Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak's Comment on the Vaishnava Lila
The Five Symbols of Sikhism
Tagore on the Sikhs
Guru Nanak to the Guru Granth
Religion and Progress: The Record of Sikhism
An Introduction to the Structural Study of Japuji