The Life of Mahomet - From Original Sources

The Life of Mahomet - From Original Sources

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Author: William Muir
Publisher: Voice of India
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 556
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818599076X


First published in 1861 in four volumes, this Indian reprint with a 26-page introduction by Ram Swarup, is a pioneering study based wholly on orthodox original sources. After this work, many Lives of the Prophet have appeared, but it still remains a classic and in some ways has not yet been surpassed in comprehensiveness and in the wealth of material.

William Muir's The Life of Mahomet was first published in four volumes, a pioneering study based wholly on orthodox original sources. An abridged edition came out in 1876. The third edition was published with important alterations in one volume in 1894. The present volume is a reprint of this edition. After Muir's Life many Lives of the Prophet have appeared, but it still remains a classic and in some ways not yet been surpassed in comprehensiveness and in the wealth of material. Thanks to Archeology and other related disciplines, today we know a great deal more about Pre-Islamic Arabian culture, but ever since Muir there has been no addition in the source material relating to the Prophet's life. This was exhausted long ago by early Muslim writers and all this was taken into account by Muir.

Muir wanted his work to be faithful to the original traditions and thought that such a biography would be respected by the Muslims, and would therefore serve the Missionary cause better. He wanted it to oppose two kinds of Lives that were current: one was by Missionary writers who were careless about their facts, slipshod in their scholarship, hostile in intent, unsympathetic in treatment, and uninhibited in expressing their opinions. He also wanted his Life to oppose Biographies of the Prophet written by native Muslim writers which were current among devout Muslims. These were highly fanciful and extravagant and were based on fabricated traditions of which the early biographers of the Prophet were quite innocent.

This first Indian reprint is being placed primarily in the hands of Hindus so that they may study and reflect on the doctrine of Islam. For, there is very little in Islam which is not founded on and does not revolve round the personality of the Prophet. Knowledge of Islam will also lead them to knowledge of Christianity which shares its God, its prophets, and most of its monotheistic theology with the succeeding Semitic creed.

Many Hindus, some of them saints and scholars, have been saying for long that Christianity and Islam teach essentially the same truths as Sanatana Dharma. Some schools of thought have also learnt to look at themselves with the eyes of prophetic monotheism. Ram Swarup's introduction to the Indian reprint will help them correct their perspective on comparative religion, and look at prophetic creeds from the viewpoint of Sanatana Dharma, particularly in its traditions of Yoga.



Sources for the biography of Mohammad - The Koran, Tradition and early Biographies
Arabia before the time of Mohammad
Pre-historical notices of Mecca - The Kaba, Abrahamic legends
Forefathers of Mohammad, Abraha's attack on Mecca, The Toms, Hashimites and Omeiyads


Birth of Mohammad
Youth of Mohammad
Mohammad's belief in his own inspiration
Early converts
The lapse
Ban removed
Midnight journey to Jerusalem


Mohammad's arrival at Medina
State of parties at Medina
Religious institutions
First hostilities with Loreish
Battle of Bedr
Battle of Ohod
Bedr the second
Siege of Medina
Pilgrimage to Al-Hodeibiya
Despatches to the Kaiser
Conquest of Kheibar
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Battle of Muta
Conquest of Mecca
Battle of Honein
Mary the Coptic maid, and her son Ibrahim
Deputations from Arabian tribes
Campaign of Tebuk
Submission of At-Ta'if
Embassies of submission
Mohammad's Farewell Pilgrimage
The three Pretenders
Sickness and death of Mohammad
Abu Bekr elected Caliph
Burial of Mohammad
Osama's campaign
Person and character of Mohammad