Last of the Wanderers

Last of the Wanderers

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Author: Sanjay Sonawani
Publisher: Pushpa Prakashan
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 189
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174480323


This is the astounding story of the Kushan tribe, its valor and determination, its tragedies and values, its torturous journey of psychological transformation. They were a wandering tribe that freely roamed across Central Asia about two thousand years ago.

We are descendents of ancient wanderers. Our roots lie way back in time when humans had not staked claim to the earth. Ethics were simple and no psychological chaos existed in the religious and social customs that were then followed. Strength was all that was required for life to flourish under beautiful open skies.

But as time passed, the human race gradually began to settle down. Society began to form and reform in its never-ending quest for a Utopian world. It led to the creation of a variety of philosophies that preached different ways of life to attain the same supreme goal. But all the different philosophies, rather than uniting the human race, created splinter groups that professed hatred against other cults and their different ways of life.

The legacy lives on.

Even today we remain wanderers in our quest of imaginary goals, unsettled as we remain in our state of mind.

Last of the Wanderers is the tale of your roots.