The Seduction of Silence

The Seduction of Silence

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Author: Bem Le Hunte
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 433
ISBN/UPC (if available): 014100715X


From a haunted room in the Spiritualist Church of Great Britain to the breathtaking hills of the Himalayas, This book takes us on the spiritual and emotional journeys of five generations in a remarkable Indian family.

Aakash, venerated sage and healer, is the founder of Prakriti - an abundant ayurvedic farm in the Himalayas. From this soulful mountain home, his children and grand children set off to make the journeys that create their destinies: Ram to search for enlightenment; Tulsi Devi to a convent in Lahore where her life will change forever; Rohini across the world on a painted bus to a new land and a radical new kind of freedom.

Encountering aghoris who smear themselves with the ashes of the dead and eat food out of human skulls; eunuchs who dance, tease and lure; and a midwife as radical as any witch burnt at the stake in years gone by, The Seduction is an important debut of immense power and magic.


Le Hunte's trans-continental, generational saga is rambunctious, eccentric, otherworldly and carnal; literary with a potentially wider audience, it explores diverse spiritual and cultural values with a knowing humor.-Murray Waldron, The Australian