Dictionary of Sikh Names

Dictionary of Sikh Names

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Author: Rajwant Singh Chilana
Parmit Kaur Chilana/
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 203
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174763260


This Dictionary is an exhaustive reference source compiled to cater to the need of Sikh families around the world and help them select the traditional names in the Sikh religion for their offspring.

Sikh presence in Europe, North America and other continents has become increasingly visible during he last century, and many of them the world over has occupied coveted positions because of their dedication, hard work and entrepreneurship. More and more non-Sikhs around the world want to know about the Sikh culture, religion and traditions. Sikhs are identified by their unique names but unlike, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu names; there is no comprehensive publication or source of Sikh names.

This dictionary is also intended to meet the need of those who want to find out the meanings of Sikh names. This reference book would be a useful source of information for the people living in different parts of the globe, particularly in Western countries where, because of limited choice, it is still a problem to select meaningful and suitable names.


DR RAJWANT SINGH CHILNA is a Librarian at the Asian Library, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He has over twenty-five years of professional experience of information management and teaching in different institutions.

PARMIT KAUR CHILNA is a recipient of Governor General OF Canada Medal for Academic Excellence, and has won several other awards and distinctions.