The Elsewhere People - Cross-border Migration, Refugee Protection and State Response

The Elsewhere People - Cross-border Migration, Refugee Protection and State Response

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Author: Omprakash Mishra / Anindyo J Majumdar
Publisher: Lancer's Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 290
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170950961


From time immemorial, human movement has been a feature of civilizations but the emergence of nation-states as sovereign political entities with fixed frontiers put a barrier to it. When this state – the country of origin –is unable or unwilling to offer protection, compulsions lead to blind flights of people from one country to another in search of safety and security. These hapless people are entitled to basic human rights and basic minimum standards of living but very often they encounter huge reluctance from the host country from the other side of the border. Elsewhere from home and liabilities to the country that provides refuge, they are always somebody else’s responsibility.

Factors that propel migration – primarily, conflicts and natural or man-made distress –continue to take place frequently, making forced migration an endless process generating crises of accommodation in varying degrees.

In this collection, various examples of cross-border migration have been analyzed; status and conditions of certain refugee groups have been explored in the light of legal instruments – available or contemplated –for refugee protection; and attempts have been made to understand the pattern of state response in particular cases.


OMPRAKASH MISHRA teaches International relations in Jadavpur University, Kolkata. As the Coordinator of the centre for regugee Studies (1997-2001) in the University, he has been responsible for dissemination and promotion of study and research on forced migration issues. He has lectured at national and international forums and published extensively on the subject.



The Contributors


International Refugee Regime:

The Challenge of Protection

Who Needs and Deserves Protection?:

The Applicability of the Exclusion Clauses in

International Refugee Law

Refugee Children and International Law

Forced to Flee: Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India

Flowergarden or Fluid Corridor:

A Conceptual Framework for Refugee Inflows

and Internal Displacement in Northeast India

The Chakma Question in Arunachal Pradesh

State Marginalization and the Displacemnt of
Population in the Citation Hill Tracts

Myanmarese Refugees in India:

An Enquiry into their Conditions and Status

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh:

Some Issue and Security Implications

Security or Human Rights?:

A Case Study of Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh

Crisis in the Kingdoms:

Refugee Question between Bhutan and Nepal

The Uprooted Afghans:

Consequences of an Unsettled Political Agenda

In Search of a Home:

The Tragedy of the Boat People

The African Refugee Situation: An Overview

Regional Response to the African Refugee Question

U N Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Relief:

A Case Study of the 1996 Zaire Crisis