Ponniyin Selvan - Part V (Vol 2) The Pinnacle of Sacrifice

Ponniyin Selvan - Part V (Vol 2) The Pinnacle of Sacrifice

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Author: Kalki
Translator: C V Karthik Narayanan
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 344
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333 93551 9


It is now widely acknowledged that 'Kalki' was the first Tamil writer who used the ancient history of famous Tamil dynasties and the region as the background of attractive stories.

The best historical writing requires not only a precise knowledge of the incidents or facts that laborious research has collected, but the capacity to weave the the matter so as to form a lasting fabric which discloses character and motive. Imagination is thus no less necessary to the writer of novels as it is to a historian. In both cases it has to be used with restraint and judgement. A novel, which is not true to life, will kill itself. Facts woven round an attractive story are better grasped and remembered than when given as dull narrative of the conventional historical type.

It is this aspect of Ponniyin Selvan that makes it a fascinating reading.

Translator of the book is C V Karthik Narayanan.

An Excerpt:

Who will wear the crown?

My child! It is indeed a heinous crime for a mother to betray the son born to her. But its’ what my husband ordered me to do and it is my duty to obey his orders. Listen to me! It is wicked to desire power: To desire a kingdom is even more despicable. No one in this world has as many worries as one who wears a crown. Wasn’t it because of the crown on his head that Vecrapandyan met his death? Siva Loka, the kingdom of Siva, is far greater than the kingdom of this world. Come, let’s go away from this place. Let’s visit all the sacred spots and go to Kailasam, the abode of the gods. Let us be vessels that receive the grace of the lord of Kailasam.


The sponsors

The translator

The artist

The Translator’s Note


The Story so far

On the Banks of the Kollidam Again

In the Mountain Cave

Give Me Leave to Go!

Danger to Azhwarkadiyan

Nandini Disappears

You Are Not My Son!

The Unfortunate One

Kundavai’s Anxiety

Manimekalai Craves a Boon

The Release is Prevented

Vanathi’s Idea

Pinakapani’s Task

The Madman

The Saviour Who Arrived in Time


Karuthiruman’s Story

An Inauspicious Omen

Amudhan’s Problem

The Engagement

The Spear Strikes!

Pinakapani’s Treachery

Speak the Truth!

Aiyo! A Ghost!

Maduranthakan Disappears

It is Not a Worldly Kingdom That I Crave

Prince For a Day

A Sword for a Sword!

The Command of the Fort

The Thevar Born of the Revered Womb

A Competition to Renounce to throne

Vanathi’s Stealth

Only I Must be Crowned!

Disastrous Consequences

The Vadavar Flows Back

A Full-Grown Tree Falls Down

The Friends Part

A Meeting on the Roadside

The Lower of the Earth-Maiden

The Cat and the Parrot

Chinese Merchants

The Scene Which Appar Saw

Gifts for the Coronation

The Inner Meaning of a Sculpture

Reality or Dream?

The Poet is Shocked

The Coronation

Spring Arrives

Golden Showers

A Flower Droops and Falls