The Silver Pilgrimage - A Novel

The Silver Pilgrimage - A Novel

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Author: M Anantanarayanan
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129100002


King Simha of Lanka is extremely worried about his son Jayasurya’s unsympathetic disposition in matters of administration. He decides to send his self-centered and cold-of-heart son on a pilgrimage to Kashi. The king hopes that exposure to the outer world-its hardships, joys and sorrows-will make his son wiser and compassionate.

Jayasurya highly eventful journey along with his bosom friend Tilaka takes him through a multitude of situations and experiences. He falls in love with Valli, the warrior princess who saves him from certain death.

Reaching Kashi, Jayasurya meets a sage who imparts him with the ultimate knowledge of life and existence. On his return, death of Valli, his love, comes as a severe jolt to him, as for the first time he experiences the agony of love and death.


Very few Indian novels in English can match the variety of styles and forms which The Silver Pilgrimage successfully attempts.

-G S Amur, Encyclopedia of Indian Literature

What a formidable achievement for a working judge to spin this flawless sutra of Tamil religious custom, and weave from it a dazzling raiment in English.

-Bill Aitken, The Hindustan Times

The Silver Pilgrimage may have its historical epicenter in eighteenth century Ceylon, but it contains all the yesterdays of India.

-Prema Nandakumar, Deccan Herald


Preface by Harvey Briet


Which Begins to Tell How the Prince Jayasurya Fell Sick

Which Continues to Tell How the Prince Jayasurya Fell Sick

Which Tells How King Simha Took Counsel of Sage Agastya on Mount Ravana

How Prince Jayasurya and Tilaka Set Out on a Pilgrimage to Kashi and of the Misfortunes that Early Befell Them

Of the Journey to Madura

Of the City of Madura, a Tamil Poet, a Collector of Taxes and King Pandian’s Music

Of a Discourse on Jivanmukti and a Sojourner in a Strange Land

Of Tanjavoor of the Colas, a Doctor’s Confidences,
an Astrologer’s Insight and a Courtesan’s Dance

Of the Sinuous Godavari, a Wit of Kalinga and a Sojourn in Prison

Of the Sacred City of Benaras and a Holy Presence

L’Affaire de Purohit and a Culinary Recipe

Of the Parting of the Ways

Of Voices across the Gulf

The Briefest Chapter