Bhela Samhita - Text with English Translation, Commentary and Critical Notes

Bhela Samhita - Text with English Translation, Commentary and Critical Notes

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Author: K H Krishnamurthy
P V Sharma/
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: 660
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Bringing out the ancient Sanskrit texts of repute to the expert attention of the non-Sanskrit knowing modernity is a specialized academic pursuit of many sided value. But this will be so, only if executed with all the care needed. Bhela-samhita, an incomplete Mss, is a reputed, ancient Ayurvedic work of this nature, earlier than the redacted Carakasamhita. As such, it automatically assumes an important historical value. The present attempt is a pioneering work and has utilized the merits of all the editions to correct the text as much as possible.

To derive maximum productivity, the translation should be incisive, meticulous and reflect the merits and the vigor of the original. For this purpose, a special system of whit is referred to as an interpretive translation has been developed and meticulously followed through out. This would productively highlight the specialities and also bring into proper relief quite a few advanced thinking in the field as available here. This is so, despite the great age of the work. An usual criticism is that his text is too general and nonspecific. Enough care is taken to disprove this statement and show instead that it is quite specific and adequately detailed within its own framework. Infect, it is better treated as a special work, written more to the practitioners and has some emphasis on neurology. Another speciality of the attempt is that it heavily leans on the vyutpatti or the etymology of the Sanskrit technical terms utilized. For, this is rather a more reliable key to the original thinkers in the field. This is particularly useful in suggesting the botanical equivalents of the Ayurvedic plants of this Samhita.








SUTRASTHANA (The fundamentals)

NIDANASTHANA (Diagnostic features)

VIMANASTHANA (Special mensurations)

SARIRASTHANA (Concerning the body)

INDRIYASTHANA (Domain of the senses)

CIKITSASTHANA (Concerning medical treatment)

KALPASTHANA (Formulation)

SIDDHISTHANA (Domain of (securing) success in treatment)


Preliminary remarks

Notes and comments

Weights and measures in Ayurveda