Justice, Equality and Community - An Essay in Marxist Political Theory

Justice, Equality and Community - An Essay in Marxist Political Theory

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Author: Vidhu Verma
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761993800


While considerable debate on justice has taken place within liberal political theory, the concept of distributive justice in Marx's writings has received very little attention. This book provides a careful and wide-ranging assessment of the notion of justice in the Marxist tradition.

Vidhu Verma argues that Marx’s analysis of exploitation provides a fruitful starting point for analyzing current social conflicts, especially since he highlighted specific non-distributive issues which form part of the agenda of on-going struggles for democratization.

Dr Verma reflects on Marx’s ideas on formal justice, equality, community, distributive (material) and non-distributive (e.g., health and education) issues, and oppression and exploitation of social structures. She discusses three main themes: Marx’s theory of justice; disagreements about what justice is as reflected in the different politics of social change, and the relevance of Marx’s theory in the contemporary world in which new social movements-such as the peace, ecological, women’s and ethnic-based movements-have looked to forge new conceptions of justice.

Overall, this significant theoretical treatise substantively demonstrates how a reinterpretation of Marx’s theory is relevant for understanding the multiple forms of oppression confronted by contemporary social groups. It will interest scholars in political science, social and political theory, social movements, sociology and economics.




The Debate on Justice

A Critique of the Juridical Model

Exploitation and Justice

Justice and a Good Society




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