Women in a Developing Country - Aspirations and Perceptions

Women in a Developing Country - Aspirations and Perceptions

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Author: H S Krupalini
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 00
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176484393


This publication is an interdisciplinary research work, falling within the scope of gender studies and sociology of higher education. This volume, based on primary field data, critically looks into the views of young educated girls regarding various social alliances as they encounter them in their day-to-day social relationship network.

The book examines the perception of young women at the graduate and post-graduate levels towards four major social institutions, namely marriage, family, education and employment as reflected and projected in their responses in a formal setting.

The work unfolds a critical reflection on the present perceptions of the young-adult educated girls looking forward for their career and family lives. While working out the analytical details, the research assignment constantly keeps in focus the economic, cultural and power dimensions as present in the larger social milieu. Possible changes in the power and status dimensions of Indian women in the coming decades as they are perceived and projected. Based on the critical analysis of the data inside of the composite socio-cultural scenario, suggestions for betterment of their animated status are presented.