Victims of Terrorism

Victims of Terrorism

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Author: D P Sharma
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 00
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176484512


A lot of literature is available about terrorism but very little has been said and done about the victims of terrorism, who suffers for no fault of theirs, because they have either been taken hostages or kidnapped, raped and faced other terrorist acts.This book deals perceptively and compassionately with very old problem in a very new context: human response to human cruelty.

In any study of terrorism it is necessary that thorough study is made about the victims of terrorism. Who is a victim? What are the effects of victimization? How does a person behaves under captivity? What can be done to make an individual withstand victimization? There are many more questions that need to be addressed jointly by the professionals and the government.
The author’s concern in the book is mainly with a small but important, poignant and neglected sector-the victims of terrorism and how we can help them. It is intended d to seek ways to understand the experience, to ameliorate the suffering, and when possible, to prevent it.

There is another factor, even more important, which has been dealt exclusively in the book is that the tumult and drama surrounding a notorious event once over, the victims are soon forgotten. No effort is made to understand and care for the victims in those areas where he/she suffers the most: the wounds to the mind and spirit.

The scope of this book, while broad enough to fill volumes, may still be quite narrow when compared with experiences encompassed in most cases of victims of terrorism. Sincere efforts, however, have been to highlight various psychological factors involved in a captive-captor situation. The present volume constitutes a significant contribution to our understanding of stress and coping in an area so far little explored. The book also illustrates the needs and opportunities for research on victims of terrorism.