Administrative Reforms in India

Administrative Reforms in India

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Author: S R Maheshwari
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 344
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333 93799 6


This book traces administrative reforms in India from their colonial origins to the post-liberalization phase. It studies the outlook of political parties on administrative reforms, probes the role of different institutions in the evolution of the administrative reform process in India.

Public Administration is an institution of central importance, especially in developing countries. It is an instrument that can bring about development in these nations, which have had a history of arrested development as a result of the colonial experience. It evaluates how various commissions and reports have effected administrative reforms. It also analyses different phases of administrative reforms and draws examples from the Indian experience. The book concludes with an agenda for the future where the author studies the challenges posed by liberalization, globalization and the IT revolution.

Written by a renowned practitioner of the discipline, this book seeks to make available all the relevant literature on the theory and practice of administrative reforms in a developing country like India. It is hoped that both students and practitioners of public administration will find it useful.




Indian Background

Political Parties and Administrative Reform

An Overview

Sources of Administrative Reform in India

The First Phase

The Second Phase

The Third Phase

The Fourth Phase

The Fifth Phase

The Sixth Phase-1990 Onwards Globalisation and Administrative Reform


Some Distinguishing Features

Insights from Indian Experience


Agenda for The Future