Hindi - Mera Pahla Kadam : A Set of 3 Books  (HINDI)

Hindi - Mera Pahla Kadam : A Set of 3 Books (HINDI)

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Author: Mondira Bharadwaj
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Neelam Raitani/Meenakshi Khetrapal
Publisher: Madhuban Educational Books
Year: 2013
Language: Hindi
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 070699664X/93644/812590543X


These new Text-cum-Workbooks offer a fresh and innovative approach to learning. All the books under the Step-by-Step Series have been written, designed and tried out by experienced teachers specializing in 3 and 4 year old children respectively.

Through some patterns, children learn more than one alphabet at the same time. We will notice that by the end of the first year, the child is able to draw a landscape and a few animals through these shapes and patterns.