Theory and Praxis- Curriculum, Culture and English Studies

Theory and Praxis- Curriculum, Culture and English Studies

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Author: Prafulla C Kar
Kailash C Baral/Sura P Rath
Editor: Prafulla C Kar, Kailash C Baral & Sura P Rath
Publisher: Pencraft International
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 0
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185753555


This volume of selected papers are organized around the topic of the discipline of English studies: its history, institutional context, transformation, and pedagogical and curricular imperatives.

This volume of selected papers from the Journal of Contemporary Thought of the Forum on Contemporary Theory of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda commemorates the tenth anniversary of the publication of the Journal (1991-2000). . As the discipline is situated within a complex context of intersections of several attitudes and ideologies involving the intricate processes of knowledge-formation in both colonial, and postcolonial settings, the essays included in the volume both address specific questions about English studies and board questions about the social and political ideologies determining the institution of the discipline and its ongoing debate regarding its curricular and pedagogical imperatives.

The volume will provide a useful resource to both literary scholars and scholars from the sister disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.




Modernity and Post modernity

Columbus Runs Aground: Christmas Eve, 1492

Unmasking Colonial Linguistic Cultural Transaction-Whither?

Play in Culture: Football

Home's) Abroad: Diasporic Identities in Third Spaces

The Politics of Borrowing
Theories in Postmodern and Postcolonial Discourse and Theory

The Ideology of Literary Criticism:
The Case of Judgment, Transcendence and Clerisy

Self-Consuming Art and Facts (Why the Novel Splatters)

Feminism and/as Myth:
Feminist Literary Theory between Frye and Barthes

Global Intimacies in the Cultural Studies Classroom

Curriculum as Conversation

Curriculum wars:
Pragmatism as Truce

The Invisible Hand:
Structural Politics and the Undergraduate Curriculum

Break the Sentence, Then Break the Sequence: Lesbian Biomythographies

Postcolonial Theory:
A New Ontopology and Radical Politics

The World Beyond the Book:
Theory at the End of the Millennium

Criticism in Crisis: A Note on the Politics of Pedagogy

Where Are We Going from Here?
A Note on the Dilemmas and
Uncertainties of an English Teacher in an Indian University Today