Life's Mysteries - An Introduction to the Teachings of Osho

Life's Mysteries - An Introduction to the Teachings of Osho

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Author: Osho
Foreword/Introduction: Khushwant Singh
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 251
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780140246131


In Life’s Mysteries the reader is introduced to some of the key tenets of Osho’s philosophy. This was the basis of all of Osho’s teachings, and one that was often lost in the controversies that surrounded him for most of his career as a spiritual guide.

A man of vast learning who had read everything he could find to broaden his understanding of the belief systems and psychology of modern man, he was at the same time completely original in his approach, insisting on finding out the truth for himself rather than accepting what had been taught by others.

Iconoclastic yet persuasive, lucid yet grounded in a wealth of theological knowledge, his message found a worldwide audience.

A Sampling:

LIFE: I teach the art of living your life totally, of being drunk with the divine through life.

LOVE: If you really want to know about love, forget about love and remember meditation (just as) if you want to bring roses into your garden, forget about roses and take care of the rosebush. In the right time, the roses are destined to come.

SEX: If it can give birth to a child, to a new life…you can imagine its potential: It can bring a new life to you too.

ENLIGHTENMENT: You should not make any effort, you should relax and enlightenment comes.

DEATH: To me death is not the end of life but…the very climax…If you have lived rightly, if you have lived moment to moment totally, if you have squeezed out the whole juice of life, your death will be the ultimate orgasm.



On the Art of Living

On Love

On Relationships

On Tension and Relaxation

On the Ego

On Meditation

On Right and Wrong

On Freedom, Responsibility and Commitment

On Creativity

On Laughter and Celebration

On East and West