Goa Indica - A Critical Portrait of Postcolonial Goa

Goa Indica - A Critical Portrait of Postcolonial Goa

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Author: Arun Sinha
Publisher: Bibliophile South Asia And Promilla
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 248
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185002312


This book discusses all the currents and cross-currents objectively and in great detail, suggesting that Goa is destined to become a multicultural, cosmopolitan state, not depending on agriculture and heavy industry, but on horticulture and service industry.

Tourists come and go without knowing anything of real Goa. Goa is not just beaches. There is a vibrant society trying to cope with the currents and cross-currents of postcolonial development. In just 40 years of Liberation from the Portuguese rule, Goa has become the most economically and socially advanced state of India. But the progress has come at a price.

Development has brought in industries that are threatening the idyllic paradise and people from outside who are claiming a share of the Goan space in housing, employment and business. The cultural divide between Hindus and Christians that the Portuguese created still plagues the state in many ways; and to this conflict is now added the growing antagonism between the Goans and the migrants.

The book has special chapters on Goa's uniform civil code-the only state of India where people of all faiths have accepted such a code-and the role of postcolonial church in the historical backdrop of colonial church.



The West Invades

A Unique Identity

Fruits of Freedom

Perils of Progress

Road to Salvation

An Empty Pitcher

Ethnic Fencing

Writings on the Wall

A Glossary of Goan Terms