The Poems of Tukarama

The Poems of Tukarama

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Author: J Nelson Fraser
K B Marathe/
Translator: J Nelson Fraser and K B Marathe
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 522
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120808517


In the galaxy of the saints of Maharashtra, Tukarama occupies a unique place.This work consists of the poems of this great saint in English version. In rendering them into readable English the translators have done a yeoman’s service to the English-knowing reader.

The poems touch the various phases of Man’s life, liberation-the supreme goal of his life. What seems to be a translation is in fact a paraphrase which makes a delightful reading. It is a faithful reproduction of the emotional element of the original.

In the accomplishment of character, intelligence and composition he is second to none among the Maratha writers. He is the greatest of mystics who have brought about a high degree of reconciliation between worldly and spiritual life.


Tukarams philosophy can be understood by his abhangas. The translators have used very simple English, so it is easy to understand. They are successful in giving Tukaram’s thoughts and ideas to non-Marathi People in English. Even persons not knowing Marathi can easily follow the abhangas and get the idea of what Tukaram wants to say.

- Sushila G Munshi,
MS University of Baroda



I: Autobiography
II: Descriptions and Invocations
III: Pandhari
IV: Dehu
V: The Nature of God
VI: The Problem of Action
VII: The Sense of Sin
VIII: Remonstrances with God
IX: Prayers
X: The Conditions of Acceptation
XI: The Necessity of Experience
XII: Triumphant Happiness
XIII: Raillery of God
XIV: Faith And Trust
XV: The Moral Ideal
XVI: Life Under the Influence of Religion
XVII: Our Attitude Towards the World
XVIII: The Saints
XIX: Appeals and Exhortations
XX: Rebuke and Admonition
XXI: True Worship
XXII: The Use of Images in Worship
XXIII: False Religious Observances
XXIV: Our Attitude Towards Traditional Forms of Worship
XXV: Against False Teachers and Impostors
XXVII: Krishna
XXVIII: In Praise of Rama
XXIX: Abhangas Employing Various Stories From Mythology
XXX: Abhangas Employing Images from Games
XXXI: Various Village Characters
XXXII: Abhangas Employing the Language of Common Occupations
XXXIII: The Faithful Devotee Described Under the Image of a Paik
XXXIV: Worldly Comforts Described Under the Image of a Blanket
XXXV: Devotion Described Under the Image of a Woman Addressing Her Paramour



I: Proper Names

II: Ceremonies and Beliefs Referredmton by Tukabama

III: Certin Classifications which are referred to by Tukabama