1000 Science Quiz

1000 Science Quiz

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Author: Dilip M Salwi
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171671799


Have you ever tested your science awareness? 1000 Science Quiz would do just that for you! It is science awareness in capsule. Find out your own science awareness. You would be a step ahead of others in this age of science.

Exactly 1000 such quiz awaiting to tease your brain. That includes 32 photo quiz too. All with clues and answers. The questions are picked from subjects as diverse as astronomy, natural history, archeology, geology, women scientists, science fiction, Antarctica and medicine.
For instance:-

1. Which acid does tomato sauce contain?
2. Who is the father of the hydrogen bomb?
3. Which is the brightest nebula in the sky?
4. When did Lord Rutherford split the atom?
5. Who said, I think, therefore I am?
6. Who started the Appropriate Technology movement?
7. Which living being is a good pollution monitor?
8. What is the original name of zero?


I. First Things First
II. Fathers, Discoverers, Propounders, Pathfinders
III. Inventors
IV Adventurers
V. Instruments, Devices & Experiments
VI. Chemicals and Elements
VII. Acids and Gases
VIII.Metals and Minerals
IX. Natural Phenomena
X. The starry Universe
XI.Evolution and Behavior
XII. Creatures- Exotic: Big and Small
XIII. Birds and Trees
XIV. Fish and Insects
XV. Indian Wildlife, Birds and Landscape
XVI. Human Concerns
XVII. Essential Sciences
XVIII. Important Logia
XIX. Frontier Sciences
XX. Science for Villages, Industry and Weaponry
XXI. Science Fiction
XXII. Books and Institutes
XXIII. Dates and Quotes
XXIV. Indian Scientists and Institutes
XXV. Women Scientists
XXVI. Authors, Astronomers and Conservationists
XXVII. Miscellany

Photo Quiz