Gita for Everyone

Gita for Everyone

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Author: Jogindranath Mukharji
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 282
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171674895


First published under the title Young Men's Gita in 1900, this translation is meant for those interested in acquainting themselves with the Gita and the Indian philosophy.

The author aptly introduces the doctrines of the Gita from a Hindu point of view. It is a fitting retort to unsympathetic critics and interpreters.



Preface to the first Edition
Preface to the Second Edition


I. The Despondency of Arjuna
II. The Sankhya Yoga
III. The Action Yoga
IV. The Wisdom Yoga
V. The Sannyasa yoga
VI. The Medition Yoga
VII. The Discriminate Wisdom Yoga
VIII. The Redeeming Brahma Yoga
IX. The Yoga of Sovereign Mystery
X. The Yoga of Divine
XI. The Vision of the Universal Form
XII. The Yoga of Devotion
XIII. The Yoga of Knowledge of field and Field-Knower
XIV. The Yoga of Sense of Separation From the Attribute Triad
XV. The Yoga With the highest Being
XVI. The Yoga of Discrimination between Godly and Demoniac Endownments
XVII. The Yoga of Division of Three Kinds of Faith
XVIII. The Yoga of Liberation