The Death of Mr. Love

The Death of Mr. Love

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Author: Indra Sinha
Publisher: Scribner
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 584
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0743206991


Spanning the secrets of fifty years and two continents, this novel fuses myth and murder, fact and fiction, in a sensuous and compelling evocation of the psychosexual undercurrent of Indian life. It is a tale of stories that begin before their beginnings, and continue beyond their ends.

Bhalu, calls this story fiction if you want, but you must tell it because it is true, and at its heart is that murder of forty years ago which people in India still remember…

The notorious Nanavati murder – the fatal consequence of an affair between an Indian playboy and his married English lover-rocked 1950s Bombay, reaching the offices of Prime Minister Nehru and irrevocably changing the face of the Indian justice system.

Because its threats are still alive, running unbroken into the future…

In modern-day London, Bhalu unexpectedly meets Phoebe, forty years after their idyllic childhood in India, and just as Bhalu is beginning to explore a mystery left to him by his dying mother.

Because the uproar and sensation of the Nanavati trial hid another monstrous crime, which remains undiscovered, its perpetrator unpunished, except by these words that you will write.

Together, Bhalu and Phoebe return to India, to uncover the second, unpunished crime that destroyed their mothers’ lives, and write the last chapter of the Death of Mr. Love.


Not only is it an exhilarating read but it is a demonstration of why we need to read -The Times
Truly extraordinary Independent

A vivid expose of a social evil, accompanied by an equally vivid evocation of the pleasures of addiction ‘Observer.