A Prince of India

A Prince of India

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Author: Laurence Clarke
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 247
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171678874


This gripping narrative of intrigue and mystery presents a vivid sketch of life in a native state of British India.

The young charismatic prince, his dazzling affluence, an evil sedition plot masterminded by a cunning old lady and her crooked son, a hint of oriental romance, the daring and courageous British officers and the mutual loyalty and friendship of the British and the Indians- these myriad aspects are portrayed so skillfully herein that it seems that the events unfold in front of the reader’s eyes with astounding vividness.


Carter Takes a Hand
The Golden Pavilion
A Slender Stranger
The Great Coup
Harland Thinks of Something
A Louis Quinze Bed
Hypolyte’s Adventure
The Precipice
Harland Forgets His Manners
The Chief of Police
Captain Taylor Appears
A Street in Kathnagar
The House of the Silver Lily
The Audience
Sanquo Overshadowed
A Watchful Mother
A Love Interlude
The Plan of Attack
The Maharajah’s Cigarette Case
The Dark Hours
The Disadvantages of Being a Torchbearer
Sanquo Limps in the Dark
Something Comes in at a Window
The Power behind the Throne
Raheem’s Mission
The Maharajah’s Home-Coming
Anastasia Receives a Message
Gunara Tukaji Steals into a room
A Face in a Mirror
Raheem Speaks in Parables
The Whispering House